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Why can't people realize we are all one.

Science proves it, our DNA proves it, all living things are connected. If all would come to understand this we might have a shot at peace and even survival.


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  • Apr 18 2012: Hi Daniel
    It doesn't matter that we think we are seperate, we are not. I am connected to a muslum as well as anyone else from anywhere else on this planet. We are all part of the same energy field and we always will be. I respectfully disagree that oneness is a dream, it's a science reality. We simply don't act as one, if we did most problems would be solved, including lonliness.
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      Apr 18 2012: I have copied pasted a story contributed by Salim in the critical thinking conversation, this story goes well with your comment...

      The story is about a kid , who usually bears instinct tendency to learn that's why the ask lot of questions.....many of which we adults being unable to answer due to different reasons usually stop them (that's a killer!!)

      This particular kid had one exception. S/he used to dislike Math like anything so used to try to avoid that in all possible way. But parents of that kid was adament to make her/him expert in math as they thought that's the key to success.So they applied all techniques, looked for differenmt turtors, paid them high to their kid interested in Math....all went in vein.......

      Finally they could find one confident tutor who was known to have some unqique technique to make kids interested in subject they are not interested.So this new tutor got the job.....for a week the teacher did nothing just spent time with kid playing , gossiping and doing whatever the kid likes.....

      Then one afternoon tutor took the kid for a walk to a near by forest.....the came across a tree where some very beautiful birds were sitting.......very casually the turtor told the kid ...hey look above what beautiful birds those areThe kid look up and wow yes how beautiful they are ....once back home I will paint this tree with so beautiful birds.....Teacher told thats a good idea....but how many birds you will draw?

      Kid looked up for a while, counted those and then told 15 ........

      Then the teacher asked well if 7 birds flies away now how many birds will be there then The kid looked at the tutor....thought a bit ....and then replied "well I undertsand, you are trying teach me math ....I am not going to learn that so is not going to answer........

      It's a kid story but I think lot more adults around who have this attitude.

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