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Why can't people realize we are all one.

Science proves it, our DNA proves it, all living things are connected. If all would come to understand this we might have a shot at peace and even survival.

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    Apr 18 2012: Of course we are one and one of many.
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      Apr 18 2012: Ken, like always, simple words.....profound thought.

      Thank you
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    Apr 17 2012: I agree. Like all the different branches and leaves, we are all one of many trees.
    Everything that exists are interconnected entities streaming from a universal consciousness. We are not 'human beings' but, rather, 'beings' being 'human'.
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    Apr 22 2012: James, this phrase is from Mwenjew Wewngwa. I copied and pasted it from the conversation on life lessons, it reminded me of this talk:

    "We are all pieces of the same puzzle"
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    Apr 19 2012: Because we do not want to realise for our selfish goals.
    • Apr 19 2012: My thoughts exactly ! We can't realize we are one, because we don't want to. 'All is One' concept threatens the Ego, it is always in boundary-making business 'in' and 'out', it is impossible for ego, individual or collective to welcome it's own destruction.
      I believe the answer is that simple :)
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    Apr 19 2012: Thank you! I thought I was alone in thinking this. People are so obsessed with labels and such. Oh your black, hes white, shes jewish, they're muslim. Does it honestly matter. We are all one, spiritually and scientifically. It shows in religion and in science. In religion, (for Judao-Christian-Islam) Adam and Eve were one and the same before they ate the fruit of knoledge. And like you said, in science, our DNA is so similar to our neighbors. So why do we put labels on everything, why cant we realize we are just one, like you are saying.
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      Apr 19 2012: It seems to matter to lots of people because we seem to be a tribal species.
      Labels help us make quick decisions and assumptions - maybe not good ones, but must of helped us survive in the past.
      Whether it should matter is another question.
      Perhaps if more of us thought of ourselves as one that would be a start.
  • Apr 18 2012: Hi Daniel
    It doesn't matter that we think we are seperate, we are not. I am connected to a muslum as well as anyone else from anywhere else on this planet. We are all part of the same energy field and we always will be. I respectfully disagree that oneness is a dream, it's a science reality. We simply don't act as one, if we did most problems would be solved, including lonliness.
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      Apr 18 2012: I have copied pasted a story contributed by Salim in the critical thinking conversation, this story goes well with your comment...

      The story is about a kid , who usually bears instinct tendency to learn that's why the ask lot of questions.....many of which we adults being unable to answer due to different reasons usually stop them (that's a killer!!)

      This particular kid had one exception. S/he used to dislike Math like anything so used to try to avoid that in all possible way. But parents of that kid was adament to make her/him expert in math as they thought that's the key to success.So they applied all techniques, looked for differenmt turtors, paid them high to their kid interested in Math....all went in vein.......

      Finally they could find one confident tutor who was known to have some unqique technique to make kids interested in subject they are not interested.So this new tutor got the job.....for a week the teacher did nothing just spent time with kid playing , gossiping and doing whatever the kid likes.....

      Then one afternoon tutor took the kid for a walk to a near by forest.....the came across a tree where some very beautiful birds were sitting.......very casually the turtor told the kid ...hey look above what beautiful birds those areThe kid look up and wow yes how beautiful they are ....once back home I will paint this tree with so beautiful birds.....Teacher told thats a good idea....but how many birds you will draw?

      Kid looked up for a while, counted those and then told 15 ........

      Then the teacher asked well if 7 birds flies away now how many birds will be there then The kid looked at the tutor....thought a bit ....and then replied "well I undertsand, you are trying teach me math ....I am not going to learn that so is not going to answer........

      It's a kid story but I think lot more adults around who have this attitude.
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    Apr 17 2012: Well, we have millenia's of history demonstrating murder, annihilation, torture, cultural and racial decimation, manipulation, lies, deceit, and a whole host of other atrocities whose memories are buried deep within our bones. We promote arguement, disharmony, and victory in the name of righteousness. We have an economic system that promotes, and was built on, dominence, survival of the fittest, hoarding, and greed resulting in the neglect of over half of us on the planet. Religions and faith-based belief systems have touted our oneness since the dawn of time, yet no one cares because, to date, 'might' (and self-preservation) has truly made for 'right'. So the fact that science has caught up with what people have known for centuries is really not the question, is it? It's really "When will we stop hating and killing each other, and disregarding each other's significance?", isn't it? Because it has always been, and now science has 'proven', oneness.
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      Apr 17 2012: One of the early evolutionary purposes of religions was to differenciate tribes from one another.
      • Apr 17 2012: Gerald,

        Obviously different "tribes" existed long before religion came about ... Is not a tribe a concept of differentiation...?
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          Apr 17 2012: Yes, but religions strengthen this concept.
          "We are not all alike", "we are the chosen ones" etc...
          A jew is basically a non-muslim.

          Religion is a major barrier in this dream of oneness.
      • Apr 17 2012: Hello Gerald

        It's not true what your saying. Oneness!! It is true only in a dream .... Just let me ask you two questions.

        1) Would you ever consider becoming .. for example a Muslim ..? . no..?? .. that's what I thought...

        2) Do you then think the the 1.5 billion Muslims on the earth will ever change their minds about their religion.... .... .... your answer is still the same....?

        I rest my case...
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          Apr 17 2012: hey daniel, I don't understand what you mean.

          I wouldn't consider becoming a muslim, no.
          And I don't think muslims will all change their minds suddenly.

          What is your point?
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        Apr 17 2012: Thanks for responding, Gerald. I can certainly see your point. But when I use the terms 'religions' and 'faith-based' belief systems, I'm refering to the original tenets described by those systems, not the subsequent misleading practice of them -similar to the term 'romantic' is not originally about sexual love, but about an appreciation of nature vs. the industrial revolution. Although historical figures have used 'religion's tenets' for their own narrow interpretations and exercise of them, the tenets still stand and are used by most who practice them today to realize the fruition of oneness. There's a lot of error in the world that has become endemic to overcome. When's it gonna start, and with who? Hopefully us.
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          Apr 17 2012: But then why not say "morals" or "humanism"?
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        Apr 18 2012: (in response to 'Morals':) Ok. Here goes: From what I understand, morals are differentiating actions between right and wrong. Humanism is human values over divine or supernatural ones. Faith-based or religiousness is therefore not humanism. Morality is respective of the particular 'moral code' of the society or culture that it represents. Therefore one could be 'morally correct' by eating humans in a cannabilistic society - to use an extreme example. The faith-based belief systems I referred to regarding 'oneness' would therefore not be accurately represented by the terms 'humanism' and 'morals', although 'morals' (or lack thereof) could be used to describe the actions of those who practice faith-based systems of belief. My main point for refering to religions at all was to demonstrate that the concept of 'oneness' was not new because of DNA research, but is really an ancient concept continuously ignored.
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          Apr 18 2012: How about the belief that everybody else is wrong? Is this also misleading practice of religion, or is it at the core of a belief system?
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        Apr 18 2012: (in response to 'everybody else is wrong':) Yeah, that is a very tough one. Very esoteric in nature, to me, and probably beyond my skills. On the surface, it would seem to be the core issue of the divisions and many of the atrocities we experience in our practical lives. Fundamentally I see it very similar to scientific reasoning, whereas we first understand some new discovery and then, as our knowledge of it progresses, we understand more depth and realities. It doesn't make the original understanding 'wrong', it completes it. How that new knowledge is used is a different story. Just my thoughts though. Thnx again.
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      Apr 17 2012: "When will we stop hating and killing each other, and disregarding each other's significance?"

      Yes, I agree, this is THE question.

      Already, some humans on earth act in a civil manner, for the betterment of mankind. The problem is, they are few compared to the masses. And, because humans have a sense of nationalism, they follow suit when governments tell them to take up arms and kill. Sad...also, the domestic violence, this is also terrible.

      True change has to come from within, after one does some serious sould searching, and realize that life is too short on this planet to use it for doing harm to others.
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        Apr 18 2012: Thanks for responding, Mary. The lack of sufficient regard for others is, to me, is the crux of it. Of course it must begin with me, but in my opinion, until each and every human being on the planet has sufficient regard for each other, we will never have the prosperity we dream of, and we'll never have peace.
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          Apr 18 2012: Yes RH. I agree.

          Well, one person at a time....and then that one person helping their children follow suit....who knows? Maybe it will take 1,000 years, but maybe, just maybe, it can be done.

          Be Well.
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    Apr 17 2012: A quote for all of you:

    ""We are all connected:

    to each other 'biologically'
    to the earth 'chemically'
    the the rest of the universe 'atomically'"
    Neil deGrassi (scientist)

    And if you want to see and hear deGrassi along with other scientists insight, please have a look at this 3 minute clip from a symphony of science video:

    Tell me it didn't move you.
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    Apr 16 2012: We are separated by consideration. If we are invaded by aliens then we will all be galvanized to be against them but until then your weird.
    • Apr 17 2012: I'm hardly weird Pat, just stating a fact, all living things are connected by DNA, we are meant to work in harmony.
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        Apr 17 2012: The point is that we are all one is relative. If we have a common enemy then we are united against the common enemy if we are not then there are differences or prejudices.
  • Apr 23 2012: Everyone on this page are arguing so much that it actually gives the reason why we, the people, are not all one. We are simply similar to one, and the slight differences between us all form borders that divide us all. One more thing, DNA and God are weak arguments in this manner because either or does not prove why we are or not all one. If you want to defend the case, you should use psychology or sociology and state the similarity of mind and behavior because they are far less subjective than the arguments on this page.
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      Apr 23 2012: Zared

      Isn't it great?

      By posting our differences of "opinions"(used broadly) that we see our uniqueness as individuals from different parts of our planet,this is not arguing,this is discovering each other and to me, "Let the good times roll"
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    Apr 22 2012: Well in a joking and poking fun of response, I would answer "because there is over 7billion people, and if we were one, there would be one person on Earth", but I understand your meaning.

    My real response would be, people are too caught up in their own individual world that they can't find that if they pop their "ME" bubble, there is a whole world outside and there is shitloads to accomplish, so put down your self-centric ideas and let's hold hands and walk forward all together.

    Thanks for reading my thoughts. Feel free to share yours. =D
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    Apr 21 2012: Hi Zared, thank you for your input.
  • Apr 19 2012: James,

    Biologically speaking, for the sake of discussion, if we could suppose for a moment that mankind is 100% like the animals ... and the plants too for that matter. The small difference in percentages, whatever they might be, we can disregard for the moment.

    Still, with all due respect to the materialistic science of our age, the inner being of mankind is qualitatively quite substantially different than that of the animals.
    What our current understanding of DNA can provide us with... what our modern scientific world view can reveal to us,... is limited and takes us only to the borderline of a true understanding of our inner being. When we learn to reach beyond the solely quantitative and measurable sides of our nature, we will at that moment discover that the human being has its own ...."inner universe"
    To interpret these aspects of our own inner being, we also need to take into account just these things that make us so "qualitatively" different than the animals.
    The fact that we are able to think is clearly the most evident of these faculties ... yes?
    Not just to think in terms of the more primitive way animals do. But to think "abstractly"

    Abstract thinking is our distinct advantage over all other beings on this earth.

    Thanks to abstract thinking, you were able to pose this question ...Why can't people realize we are all one....?

    With this ability we can open up the "pandora's box" of all forms of knowledge. .. Scientific as well as spiritual.

    If then, we do indeed have a chance at all for peace and survival, it has to arise from exactly this inner nature of our being...
  • Apr 19 2012: DNA does not prove that we are all one, but it does prove we all are similar to one because we are not all the same person in body and mind. We will not never truly be one being for perfect equality is impossible to reach in terms of motivation and happiness.
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    Apr 18 2012: Good question James.
    The thing we have going for us today is abundance. If we had a major climate change that disrupted our food supply, would we still feel the same? Regardless of what anyone tries to blame it on (religion, patriotism, ethnic loyalty, etc.), wars are about survival. When your own people are dying of starvation, what will you do to try to preserve them? Will you try to increase your borders for increased farmland? Will you target other ethnic groups to decrease the competition? Will you send out scouts to steal food from other sources? Or will you just lay down and die so that others can go on living?

    When everyone is in the mall gathering up items for personal consumption, there is harmony. Let someone yell fire and see how long that harmony will prevail! The same is true when survival is threatened in any other manner. Peace requires responsibility. When you have irresponsible people breeding out of control, how do you maintain the peace when limits are exceeded?

    Racial discrimination is about job loss to the competition. Ellis Island opened its borders to outsiders when land was plentiful. It closed its borders when expansion was putting a strain on the country. We now worry that outsiders will come in and take the jobs that we now hold. We worry that they will get benefits that will rob our coffers. We worry that our rights will be infringed upon. How do we deal with that?

    People remember the time of slavery. They still fear that it could come back should situations change and they don't want to be among the oppressed if it should, so they do what they must to stay on top, which means someone has to stay on the bottom. How do we guarantee that it will never happen.

    Yes James, we are all connected. But survival is not guaranteed for every man, woman and child in fair measure. It requires faith in something greater than ourselves (that very connectedness if you will) if we are going to make that connectedness work for all.
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    Apr 18 2012: The eyes could not see very well, glasses were required.

    The hand placed the glasses on the nose. The nose proceeded to carry the glasses around.

    But, after a while the nose started to reason, "these glasses are a bother, I don't see why I have to carry this load.....after all, it is the eyes that have the problem seeing, not me".

    OK, said the eyes, you can take them off if you want.

    Off came the glasses.

    Down the street went the entire body, then just as quickly it proceeded to trip and fall.

    The result................................a broken nose.

    Over 1500 years ago, a man just like you James had to pose this same question to a group. His words are recorded for us in a book few read, and many think they understand. It reveals our Creator's thoughts, I will share them with all of you. It is what I believe, and how I choose to live my life. James, I hope you are able to be upbuilt by this:

    "For the body indeed, is not one member, but many. If the foot should say: "Because I am not a hand, I am no part of the body." It is not for this reason no part of the body. And if the ear should say: "Because I am not an eye, I am no part of the body," it is not for this reason no part of the body. If the whole body were an eye, where would the sense of hearing be? If it were all hearing, where would the smelling be? ...............But now they are many members, yet one body.............And if one member suffers, all the other members suffer with it..."

    This is part of a letter written to those living in Corinth in the first century. It is recorded in the Bible book of 1 Corinthians chapter 12 and the illustration was given to show that just as the body is one with many members, so too we humans are one family, with many members.... Of course, he was specifically speaking to Christians being one.. But the principle, this principle of oneness is a beautiful one to meditate on, and to try to uphold.

    Some of us realize we are all one...........with many members.
  • Apr 18 2012: Conformity's in fashion ..

    Why should people fit in when we are born to stand out.. ...Dr. Suess
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    Apr 17 2012: Is your question why people (all being people) don't behave as if they all have broad common interests?

    Or is your thought specifically that people who see themselves as connected would/should logically treat each other differently than those who don't see that they are connected?

    Or is the manner of connection important? For example, a cat and a bird may be connected by a food chain in which one naturally eats the other.
  • Apr 17 2012: This is not a new concept, why is everyone argueing? I never would have posted it if I thoght this was going to happen.The idea was to bring us together not seperate us.
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      Apr 17 2012: James, give the conversation some time.
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      Apr 19 2012: Perhaps we have different ideas, values, beliefs, and we all think we are right (or closer to right).
      Perhaps part of your answer to the original question is in this.
      We seem to be competitive even with ideas.

      Throw in our selfish side, tribalism etc - we end up individuals and tribes in conflict.
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      Apr 23 2012: James,

      Sometimes, it is darkest just before the dawn. We need to let the wind of conversation blow itself over before everyone can understand, but there is some people who are just cynical and is self centric. Be compassionate towards these people and maybe you could melt their hard exteriors, but no one is perfect. =)
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        Apr 23 2012: Derek Young, your words are.......are........very upbuilding and compassionate.

        I will take them with me as I go about my day.

        I will log out now, because I want to let your thoughts be the last thing I read on TED this morning.

        Thank you = )
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      Apr 17 2012: Your explanations works if someone's building everything up out of building blocks using different recipes, sure.
      But when you believe your ancestor is actually that of the tree, then you and the tree ARE cousins, litterally.
      But that's just science.
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          Apr 18 2012: "believe" is not the appropriate verb. The difference between belief and understanding is the consistency of the explanation. I believe it might rain tomorrow. I understand how an umbrella might be handy.
          Evolutionary science is not a matter of belief. We have built these marvelous explanations and are constantly challenging them, improving them. It's a matter of how well a theory explains a phenomenum, how much knowledge about the phenomena it brings.

          About DNA... The way the "proportions differ" in various species is not random. It's simple math, really. What we share with trees is what we got from the same ancestor. I get the feeling that you're not comfortable with the concept of evolution.

          Finally. "All connected" doesn't mean anything to me. We should work together in the effort of building a wonderful world, yes. But that it's an effort is a sign that there is no connection between us.
  • Apr 17 2012: For Daniel - Tree DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid)
  • Apr 17 2012: James,

    ....Because each of us feels so all alone....
    • Apr 17 2012: Daniel
      We don't have to feel alone, we can re-connect with others, it only seems as if we are alone. There are millions and billions of others to be with not to mention all of nature being alive, we are not alone. It is only by our seperation from the community that we feel alone.
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    Apr 17 2012: Zebras and Lions... is hard to understand people that bring into debate only the obvious. We are not animals (most of us for sure) and this is the point of debate where all humans should leave this person to drown in they own bs.
    However, there are still humans there that know that we are all connected.
    Protect the humans act - is a powerful declaration of connection on human organism. We see how non humans (corporations) are behaving just like humans but working against them (conducted by humans to). In this world of Business that we have today there is less and less interest to protect life and humans since we are the only living organism that we are paying our existence to our masters. So, are we slaves or not?
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      Apr 17 2012: RE : we are not animals

      Why do Creationists even bother with such debates?
      This "World of Business" is part of God's plan anyway, and mortals are too dumb to figure just how mysterious is all is.
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        Apr 17 2012: {Edited}

        Thank you for the interchange of ideas
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          Apr 17 2012: I was responding to Ady's comment "this is the point of debate where all humans should leave this person to drown in they own bs."

          And I did contribute to this conversation. Ignoring my arguments on the basis of one's personal superstition is not appropriate. People on this forum should know better.

          "Any ideas as to why people can't realize we are one...........humans?"
          Because we're not one. We are billions. And we all have different agendas. We don't care about the human civilization, we care about ourselves and the people we know.
          People care about owning nice cars, eating good food, putting their kids into great schools.
          Zebras are trying to starve lions, lions trying to eat zebras.
          We have institutions making progress at coping with billions of different agendas, keeping the world peaceful. It's not in us, though. We need governments, police, armies.

          So it's not that people are not realizing that we're one, which we're not, but it's whether our institutions are doing a good job at making this place liveable for billions of selfish tribal apes.
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        Apr 17 2012: Now I understand your point of view better.

        And allow me to say Gerald, that some of us don't care about owning nice cars, or putting our kids into great schools. Some of us just want to spread a little sunshine and cultivate a spirit of cooperation, and live a simple, quiet life, respecting others and doing good towards others whenever possible.........we're all headed six feet under.

        So in essence, if I am understanding you correctly, all we can do as humans is to make sure that institutions run by humans are doing a good job at making this place (our planet) liveable for billions of selfish tribal apes. Should this be our main purpose in living then?
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          Apr 17 2012: I'd love to say "it's a shame more people aren't like you".
          I suppose you've received a decent education and never had to steal your food. This is a priviledge, this level of comfort is unusual.
          You're able to live this simple quiet life thanks to police officers and politicians and jailers and lawyers... the whole institution is making it happen for you. All you gotta do is dance around, pluck daisies and sprinkle sunshine all around you.
          Don't forget why you've never considered theft or murder as necessary to live a quiet and simple life.

          I think you've understood my point correctly. A decent goal for us should be to protect our institutions because they're protecting our "humanity".
          Better yet to continue improving the system. The world is becoming this wonderful place for humans to be in. It needs maintenance and a lot more upgrades, but wow, nobody's trying to break into my house tonight even though I got food in the fridge and a charming wife.
          So just saying. "Respecting others and doing good" is something you do once your children have a full stomach.
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        Apr 17 2012: You know Gerald, I am at the place I am, because I have been oppressed, neglected, ignored, hated, laughed at, and still inside I know I am somebody special, that life, with all it's problems is worth living.

        I have lived in a few countries. In some, I have had no running water, or electricity..... I have had to get up at 4:30 in the morning and treck down a hill with a bucket and take a place in line behind the rest of the community. Sometimes the water never came....days and days without water and electricity. I have woken up some mornings thinking what will we eat today. I have been stricken with illness and found myself alone, and noone knowing how sick I really was because I have had no way of communicating it..........I have even been up on a mountain in the middle of a typhoon, not knowing if I would survive or not. But still, here I am. Somehow I have always had what I have needed at the right time.

        I have found that people put up their defenses, and joke around about serious things because the truth is hurtful to talk about...........we hide behind a mask and point fingers at others, not knowing what the other has suffered. If I started to relate all that I have gone through Gerald, perhaps you would understand me better, but perhaps not.

        Some of us people of faith, take time out to share how a peaceful, quiet life can be obtained in today's world regardless of where we live. Not because we have always had faith, but because we have lived most of our life without it, and having found it, we want to spread the message. And, I'm not talking about external peace Gerald, I am talking about the freedom one experiences when life makes sense and has purpose.

        I can't imagine what life must be like when you have to make the choices you mentioned above. We all suffer in one way or another. No life is perfect. We happen to live in a country that provides a measure of security....a measure.....there is alot of suffering also.

        Thanks for reading my reply.
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          Apr 20 2012: Respect.
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          Apr 21 2012: Hi Mary, thank you for being kind and opened.
          Respect comes from a humility state when you realise the person in front of you has so much more experience in a field where you are only scratching the surface.
          Respect comes from the acknowledged of the fact that against all odds, this person did not ceased to believe that better days will come and instead of closing themselves, instead of choosing to build a hard shell, that person got even more soft, kind and respectful to other people needs.
          You see, normal people when they get hit and survive, they get tough, so next time when they get hit, they get even tougher. The next step is to hit someone in the process.

          But free people react different, they get soft, they don't resist against the shock, they are dancing with it.

          Thank you for being such a wonderful opened person Mary M.
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        Apr 20 2012: This is tough to express, even if is 2012 there is so much bs around us that the only role is to keep us apart. I don't relate to Darwinism or creationism, actually i don't relate to any ''ism'' and the main reason is the fact that relating to them is the end of the road. There is SO MUCH to discover yet about ourselves that will bring us to the moment where we will understand that we KNOW s....

        For sure i know only the following: there are more and more things that brings us together as one that the little ones that drives us apart. BUT, we are leaded to concentrate on that 1% that's different instead on the 99% that is the same. This is not a bad thing IF that 1% is called individuality and is praised to be different, it should be different it must be different. BUT, we call it race, we call it colour, we call it religion, we call it inferior or superior race (whatever that means...)

        Biologically, we are the same (if you accept 99,9 as being enough to call it the same), physicality we manifest, act, dream and hope in the same manner, the same patterns.

        Atomically, we are made from the same atomic soup just like any other living creature - this will offend some people but i can live with that because is true and it has nothing with them accepting it or not - it will not change it.

        What we do? Well here is the answer for the ones that truly believe that ''I am not the same with that f...'' And this my dear fellow humans is the way we are raised. Socially, we are different because we are driven to hate, to kill, to embrace some god or some ideal that will harm not only people like us, but other creatures too.

        Humanity is an organism, like it or not but from up-there this is what you will see.
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          Apr 20 2012: well said Ady
        • Apr 20 2012: Not to deviate on the subject, but we are more than strands of DNA. We are not the same, and we will never be the same. The ability for a human to logically think and act enables a vast variation of human beings. There is absolutely no way the human race will ever achieve perfect equality, and if you oppose on the manner, I will be gladly to support my concept.
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          Apr 21 2012: Ady, I enjoyed reading your comment.

          Your phrase: "this will offend some people but i can live with that because is true" reminded me of the quote: "I'd rather be hated for being myself, than loved for being who I'm not".

          Thank you

          P.S.......I'm not sure what "respect" as a reply to me means.
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          Apr 21 2012: Dear Ady, thank you for the kind reply.
          Still, I am a work in progress.

          I like quotes, and anecdotes that help me grow as an individual. Your comment reminded me of something a magazine editor once wrote.

          "A mother listened intently as her daughter explained difficulties she was having in life. The mother put water to boil in 3 pots. In one pot she put an egg. In the other carrots, in the last coffee ground.
          The daughter asked her, what are you doing. And the mother said, look, you see this egg. It was hard on the outside, but soft in the inside, but now with the boiling water it is hard inside and out. And you see these carrots. They were hard, but when cooked in the boiling water, they are now soft. And finally the grounds of coffee, they have caused the water to change.
          You my daughter have to figure out who you are. Will you allow life and it's trials to make you hard like the egg....of soft and weak like the carrots, or will you be a change agent and affect the lives of those around you, like coffee grounds change the composition of the boiling water.
          This story Ady, helped me to see that we all go through trials, and but we have a choice as to whether we will let the many trials and suffering is life will affect us in a positive way or negative way.

          We are all in this together Ady....thank you for your kind words. I will treasure them always.

          Be Well.

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    Apr 17 2012: what's wrong with zebras and lions? Don't they realize they have a common ancestor?
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    Apr 17 2012: Our DNA proves that our ancestors were warlike apes also.
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        Apr 18 2012: Depends how far back you're willing to go. 100,000 years is safe.
        It's also convinient that homo sapiens is the only survivor of the homo genre. Our philosophers would be quite puzzled with the question of what belongs in a zoo and what could apply for a job.

        But I suspect you don't really care about all this. You have a ready-made explanation for everything, don't you?
      • thumb
        Apr 18 2012: well argued!

        Every scientific fact is "an artifact of the way we organize and divide nature", though.
        The goal is to organize things so that it brings understanding. If you're performing car crash tests, then go ahead and assume that a person is nothing more than 100 pounds of matter.
        In some fields, we're just metabolisms or cells or the expression of genes. In other fields we're citizens, individuals, parents. There is no definition without context.

        And if you tell me about peace, I find it helpfull to remind us that we're apes. Talk to me about car accidents and I'll remind you that we're mass.

        For this topic "we are all one", I would find it interesting to see human beings as social hunting animals as well. It's not all about how genetically close we are to a species. In certain aspects we might have more in common with bees, in others it would be wolves.
        • thumb
          Apr 22 2012: Suggest we are apes made from stardust.

          But we are not the same as other apes. Our potential is far greater on many levels.
      • thumb
        Apr 19 2012: Agree that ape etc are contructs.But there is some methodoly to it.
        I heard once that our DNA is about 50% the same as a banana.
        Dawkins argues genes are the key.

        Still out of all the other living creatures on earth who are the closet to us physically.
        It would have to be the apes. Which would be a good starting from an evolutionary perceptive.
    • thumb
      Apr 19 2012: Lucky we don't have a tail or our closer ancestors might be warllike monkeys.
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    Apr 17 2012: i wonder how dna proves that we are all connected

    for example, if we colonize another planet, and it will be self sustaining. the dna of the people there remains the same, but there will be not connected.

    on the other hand, some alien life forms might in the future come here, and live on the earth as immigrants. their biochemistry will be all different, but they will be part of our culture, society, economy, life.
    • W T

      • +1
      Apr 17 2012: One planet at a time, come back down to earth. lol

      In 1950 UNESCO put out information from genetecists and anthropologists explaining that we are all connected.......we should not see each other as different.....this they did to promote peace, and to make people realize that we should strive to work together.

      Then, with DNA studies, magazines like Nature, and others have published how DNA shows the commonness of race..........human.......I think that is what James is saying.

      If we all belong to the same race....even DNA shows it, then why all the competition and racism, prejudice, wars, etc...
      • Apr 17 2012: Hi Mary
        I couldn't have said it better myself, thank you.
        • thumb
          Apr 17 2012: "What part don't you understand"

          is no ta good way to start a comment if you are the one not understanding

          "even a tree has DNA that matches ours, distant though"

          so you feel more connection to a bacteria than to another intelligent sentient being from another planet? shameful if true.
      • thumb
        Apr 17 2012: i still don't get it. so if humans were live on 5 planets, we still would be connected or not?

        let me be clear: DNA has *nothing* to do with it. it is bad science. it is like hollywood movies dropping the word DNA or genetic in to look scientific.
        • W T

          • 0
          Apr 17 2012: "i still don't get IT"

          What does the IT stand for here?

          "let me be clear: DNA has *nothing* to do with IT"

          What does the "IT" stand for here?

          "IT is bad science"

          What does the IT stand for here?
        • Apr 17 2012: Krisztian
          What part don't you understand, even a tree has DNA that matches ours, distant though it may be it has some of the same. It's not science fiction it's science fact. And before you have us living on 5 planets let's try to live on this one in harmony first. We are all cousins cousin.
        • Apr 17 2012: Krisztian
          You have my apologies for the way I started my last comment, it wan't very kind and I'm sorry. I just don't understand what you don't understand. How can you believe in the unknown (Aliens) and not believe in what is right before your eyes. Maybe we need to work on this planet however before we discuss others.
        • Apr 17 2012: To James,

          It would be interesting to hear if you know the similarities between the different animals, insects, monkeys, apes etc. etc. yes even plants.
          Do you have any rough general idea of what the differences are..? I never thought about a tree having similar DNA ... is it really so?
          I could of course do some research myself but it sounds like you've got it right up your sleeve.
      • thumb
        Apr 17 2012: "What does the IT stand for here?"

        mary. what does "here" stand for in your sentence? be serious.
        • W T

          • 0
          Apr 17 2012: I am being serious don't want to talk to me. ok.

          I find that out of all the convesations I have had here, the most difficult ones are the ones where people do not want to understand each other.

          And I really want to understand you. So please, if "IT" stands for the same idea in all three statements, tell me what the idea is..........because, depending on your answer, I will be able to continue.
          I am the one having difficulty undestanding.
    • W T

      • 0
      Apr 17 2012: OK....I went back and reread your original answer.

      So, you are saying DNA isn't important in defending that we humans are connected?

      And, so, in your view, are we connected?

      Do you see us mistreating each other and killing each other as natural?

      Are you racist, prejudice, unkind, rude? Or do you attempt to get along and love your fellow human being?
      • thumb
        Apr 17 2012: racism is wrong on moral basis, and not because we have similar dna

        i said two examples why
        • W T

          • 0
          Apr 17 2012: So whose morals?

          In your view as a buddhist, atheist, what do you think is the reason people don't see our race as one race............why so much division and unkindess?
      • thumb
        Apr 17 2012: i don't care about race. i only care about the individual's "ability" to suffer. a rock can not suffer, so i don't care about what happens to a rock. a rabbit can suffer more, so i care more. a human can suffer the most, so i care most.

        i don't know what is the reason of aggression, causing suffering or alienating other people. but this is not the topic at hand now.
        • W T

          • 0
          Apr 17 2012: So, let's talk about the topic here and now:

          Can you address the actual question by telling me if it is a valid question to ask, or if you think that James posed a poorly worded question, because in your view you do not see us as one?

          I already know you have issues with his example of DNA.

          What would you have answered if he just asked the question without the illustration of DNA? Any idea?
      • thumb
        Apr 17 2012: i don't think we are one. so my problems continue.

        if the question is: why do we classify other humans as us and them, or into tribes, my answer is i don't really know, but i believe it is an evolutionary relic.
        • W T

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          Apr 17 2012: Ok Krisztian, you don't "think" we are one.......neither do most people.

          So if we get people to change their thinking, wouldn't you agree that it could conceivably create peace and harmony?

          How does one change their thinking pattern? Well, there are lots and lots of ways.

          I have changed mine. I used to think like you, I don't anymore.

          Thank you for being patient with me.....and responding to my inquiries.
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        Apr 17 2012: why would i want people to think something i don't think? i believe we are not one, but rather, we are different.
        • W T

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          Apr 17 2012: We are different, you and I.
      • thumb
        Apr 18 2012: see? :)
        • W T

          • 0
          Apr 18 2012: But, we are still one. :)

          Be Well Krisztian.
      • thumb
        Apr 18 2012: but you are not one with a vulcan or twi'lek?
        • W T

          • 0
          Apr 18 2012: According to Wikipedia, and I quote:

          "Vulcans gave massive assistance to a devastated post-World War III Earth, enabling the planet to eliminate poverty, disease and suffering within a single century"

          Why wouldn't I be one with Vulcans?
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    Apr 17 2012: Because life is competitive.
    We evolved in a competitive world.
    Individual and group survival has embedded tribalism etc

    Even reason, that helps us mitigate our instincts, indicates peace requires the other parties to be peaceful and we have not evolved as a species yet to move beyond where you need to be strong, or have strong allies to have peace.

    Even our complex economic system is competitive.

    Until a great majority we see ourselves as and act as one with an amazing burst of compassion and empathy thrown in.

    There will always be inequality for the forseeable future.

    I doubt utopia is around the corner, but we are generally where we have become less religious or embedded enlightenment values such as secularism and equality we have moved forward.

    Still we have a lot of evolving to do.
    • W T

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      Apr 17 2012: You know Obey, you make some good points.

      But there are individuals that are not competitive.

      We all live on the same planet, why some of us are competitive and others are not?

      I think that is what James is asking. WHY?

      And, Obey, enlightenment can come from faith in God's word, not just secularism and equality. You shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you from prejudices, racism, hate, spirit of competition, survival mode, materialism, false doctrines....etc, etc, etc......

      Just MHO
      • thumb
        Apr 17 2012: Thanks Mary. I agree human individuals are diverse in beliefs, values, and behaviour. As a species, wars, sport, economics we are fairly competitive. Our forebears were the survivors who lived to raise children.

        I imagine some people can avoid all the prejudice and nasty stuff in religious scriptures and teachings and concentrate on the love part.

        For others, they seem ensnared in sexism, tribalism, us and them, and many other rules and values from a believed ultimate source. Nationalism is bad enough. Through in religion and the result is often worse.

        I guess everyones journey is different and a good life - how ever you define it can be had with many different world views. Also I admit my world view may be no closer to the truth, but I sincerely believe our society would be better off now if we moved past religion, monarchies, castes etc.

        How do you define enlightenment. The 18th Century enlightenment or some divine state or cosmic understanding? What enlightenment comes from gods word? A rather one sided connection or relationship with god, certainty, hope to avoid final death. I'm very interested to understand.

        I agree the love part of any religion, if it goes beyond the believers or chosen people, can be a positive force. I just see the dark side as well. The most devout are often the most dangerous.

        I'm not judging the whole lot by the actions of extremists. Male and possibly female genital circumcision has strong religious connections and is very broad. Polygamy. Cut off the hands of thieves. Refusing medicine or blood transfusions. Surely we would do better without this.

        Love is a bit different from equality. Love from the bible is just part of the story.

        I'm sure there are many people more compassionate and loving than myself, sacrificing to help others, inspired by their religion to some extent.

        I think I mentioned some of the why from my evolutionary perspective.

        Hope this is not too combative - thinking and typing fast while cooking dinner
        • W T

          • +1
          Apr 17 2012: Long list of questions to tackle. No, I have read your posts before and I perceive your sincere distrust of religion, and desire for answers. I will try my best to show you what I personally have learned. It's not much, as far as quantity, but there is much quality to it.

          **one, religion and nationalism, when paired, do much damage. Imagine if the man Jesus would have partnered with the roman government.....there is not mixing the two.....while we humans who have faith, are required by scripture to be obedient to the superior authoriities, when these tell us to do something contrary to scriptural principles, we respectfully decline. Hence, why many a faithful have died, and will continue to die and be imprisoned for their christian neutrality.

          I will leave it here. I have found that if I answer too many points at once the conversation dies. Let me know if I need to give you any further clarification on this point of yours.
      • thumb
        Apr 17 2012: Thanks for sharing below/above and apologies for the wrong assumption about the egg.

        You are right there are at least 2 sides.

        Your point below reminds me that not all religions are equal in terms if promoting positive or negative values. The message of Jesus is pretty positive. His followers went on to admit gentiles and make it more inclusive, not like other Jews. The Aztec religion was pretty brutal

        I guess I need to be careful lumping all religions in together. Also I look at history, burning witches, killing their own competing sects etc. Even Christianity has had its dark times. It seems even the positive message, linked with the old testament god and perhaps scientific ignorance and no enlightenment values, was not enough to contain the negative aspects of humans. Is Christianity the truth is a different question to has it been a force for good and unity.

        You are right to point out that what Christians or Cultural Christians do is not necessarily a fair measure of the actual key messages. And there are too sides to the ledger. Many Christians have sacrificed much for their beliefs or in acts to help others.

        I note Christianity did not stop the rise of fascism, some sects probably supported the persecution of the Jews, 2 world wars, the US Civil war, slavery until relatively recently.

        So yes I need to be more balanced, but again I highlight that others cherry pick the positive and it is hard to deny the old testament god was sometimes a barbaric tribal that took sides and exterminated nearly all of humanity in a great flood, and had rules that involved a lot of killing.

        I guess the source material mixed with cultural programming and human nature can come up with good and bad results in terms of human oneness. Not all religions are equal in this. Even if religion is negative on balance, that doesn't prevent one actually being close to the truth.

        And individuals should be judged by their beheviour first rather than their beliefs.
        • W T

          • 0
          Apr 17 2012: Obey, I understood and appreciated all your thoughts above, thank you.

          I am glad that you see there are some of us trying to live by principles that are for the benefit of the majority, setting the example of love and upholding God's word.

          Now on to your next statement that you mentioned:

          "Also I admit my world view may be no closer to the truth, but I sincerely believe our society would be better off now if we moved past religion, monarchies, castes etc."

          I do believe that your point of view to be sensible, and based on logic. I have no problems with it. Your expression "closer to truth" reminds me of a PBS special that I have mentioned on TED before. They have all the videos of the shows on-line. It is like the TED of the religious/science/philisophie/psychology world.........wonderful interviews, thought provoking topics. They are a pleasure to watch. If you are able to google it, you won't be sorry....the program is called just that........."Closer to Truth"
      • thumb
        Apr 18 2012: I'll try track down the closer to the truth PBS programme. Sounds interesting. Thanks
  • W T

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    Apr 17 2012: James, I think people have this knowledge.

    You answered your own question when you state that "If all would come to understand...."

    Most humans operate on the knowledge level. They know what they know, I am black, I am white, I am Russian.

    But they don't "understand" what these differences mean.

    Now let me ask you, can you please give me a concrete example of how people around you are not realizing we are all one? What in particular have you noticed?
    • Apr 17 2012: Hi Mary
      I have noticed wars, class warefare, starvation and poverty to name a few. If we all work together and use kindness rather competiveness we would have none of this. You can see it in everday workings, people pass the street people like they are ghosts, walk over people who are addicted instead of offering help or calling for help. We don't make eye contact or say hello most of the time yet we are meant to be together. I could go on but I think that's a start.
      • W T

        • 0
        Apr 17 2012: Yes James, you have noticed the same things we all notice.

        To get to the root of the problem, one has to dig down deep and ask the tough questions.
        Then go looking for answers.

        Being in public is sometimes like being together alone.........but you know what James?
        We personally can do quite alot to help those around us be kinder.
        By being kind ourselves, and smiling to people around us regardless of who they are. People can tell when you are smiling out of genuiness and when it is forced.
        This is a small way, and free for the doing.

        And it is important to find people in your community that have this same spirit of cooperation....the desire of oneness........have you found any James? Are there people you know that think like you in your community?

        It is a challenge, but one that can lead to great purpose in life.....that of loving and giving.
        • Apr 17 2012: Hi Mary
          I do have a group of friends who see things the way I do but we are considered a group of outsiders. I say hello to people all the time and offer help where I can, I am a very giving person. I ask the homeless how there day is going and often they answer good, thank you for asking because nobody talks to them. I am very kind to everyone I meet regardless of who they are or where they come from. I am also very in tune with nature and spend a lot of time in it and feel the connection. I guess I just feel we are meant to live in harmony like the rest of nature does.
      • W T

        • 0
        Apr 17 2012: James, yes, many of us feel like you. It is good that you are this way, I think what happens, is that we want others to feel this way also, and it is tough when people just don't get it, and act like animals.

        I think, that perhaps, a lack of hope, and dare I say, faith, has had this kind of effect on individuals. What do you think?
        • Apr 17 2012: Mary, I think a lot of people do feel this way but most are caught up in being a success rather being the same at helping others. I am a very spiritual person and I think that many people of religeon get it for an hour and a half, but when they walk out of the church they don't follow what they have been taught, If you take a church of hispanics, whites and blacks, they will all be great together in church but not show the same affection outside church. I guess we, that being people like you and i have to spread it in whatever small way we can. I do a lot of publlic speaking and can maybe reach more people that way than one at a time. I have a training I give called Hope and Acceptence and I thik it addresses our lack of hope when there is so much to hope for. Without hope we have no future to reach for, no hope for a better life for all.
      • W T

        • 0
        Apr 17 2012: Well, it is interesting that you mention the three ethnic groups each at their own church. My faith, is not like this. We do not have a church for spanish, one for blacks and the like.

        We have learned, through Bible study, that we are all brothers and sisters. We are neutral when it comes to the affairs of this world. We leave social and political issues to those who want to promote their personal theories. We lead by example. We are no part of the world's affairs.

        However, because we value the bible's message of hope, we go about trying to live by bible principles.

        You know, a while back there was this guy on TED who made a big deal about how it's impossible to live by bible big joke......everyone took it as if he had enlightened us about how absurd living by the bible's teachings is. What most people seemed to ignore, is that the bible is a book of principles, with a clear theme running throughout.

        It is a pity that many view God, and the Bible, as somehing to laugh at and make fun of. This I feel is the main reason why so many today are rude, have little kindness, and live to please themselves. Look, it was foretold......2 Timothy 3:1-5. Have you read this particular scriptures before?
        • Apr 17 2012: Mary
          We have a misunderstanding, I was speaking of the three ethnic groups at the same church, but when they leave they will not show the affection they showed each other while in church. I have not read those scriptures or many others, maybe I should, it might help me understand better
      • W T

        • 0
        Apr 17 2012: Well, I am glad you clarified that!

        Because, here in this part of town, we actually have them going to different churches...

        But ok. Yes I understand it this way also. Look James, also families go to church, and are all loving and smiles, then go back home and mistreat each other emotionally, verbally and the like.

        It is the prevailing attitude. I really want you to read those verses. And then, then, tell me what you think. It sheds alot of light on what we would be seeing in the last days James. There is no changing it. Please, even on-line, access a bible and read it.

        Let me know.
  • MR T

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    Apr 16 2012: We are one species but many cultures, ideals, appearances....
    • Apr 17 2012: Hi Tristan
      We are even cousins to trees, it's in our DNA, we are not just connected to each other but all living things.
      • MR T

        • 0
        Apr 17 2012: Hey James,

        I wouldn't eat my cousins.

        I understand what you're getting at and I do agree that on some level its good, but can people really have the same emotional attatchment's for all life as they do for family?.

        We are related, ok, but how does that help us get along?

        Say my uncle is an asshole, we both know we are related but he is still an asshole.

        For people to be 'one' on something they need a common goal that requires participation of all.
        • Apr 17 2012: Hi TristanYou do eat your cousins, we all do unless you are vegitarian or vegan, every cow, pig etc. We use pigs to replace hearts and eat them. As for a world that worked in balance your uncle would not be an asshole he would be part of the whole, though I do get what you are saying.
      • MR T

        • 0
        Apr 17 2012: So trees are not cousins now but animals are?

        I'm not sure what this 'balance' or 'whole' your talking about is or how it is going to come about.

        You can't persuade a virus to be sustainable. They could be our cousins but I would rather them dead.

        Please expand...
        • Apr 17 2012: My mistake Tristan, I suppose eating vegies would mean the same thing. We ourselves are not sustanable nor is anything else, Everything dies and can only be sustained for a period of time. Without us nature would be in perfect balance, nature takes only what it needs and no more. We on the other hand think the more we have the better off we are, the excess is enormous. If we took only what we needed there would be plenty to go around but that's not the way it works. If we realized that we are a part of nature and acted as such and only took what we needed perhaps the connection would be realized.
      • MR T

        • 0
        Apr 17 2012: I have to disagree, there is no perfect balance in nature, it is constantly changing, species were going extinct and new ones were evolving long before homo sapiens. It is true that this rate of change can be very slow, as it has happened in the worlds rainforest's, however every now and again catalysts (like the meteor impact 65 million years ago) allow certain species to gain an upper hand, these moments are crucial in shaping the future of life on earth. We are living in one now, of a kind that hasn't happened before.

        It is moreso the accelerated rate of change that scientists are worried about. Species extinction rates are increasingly exceeding the historical norm by a long way. Unfortunately, Even if we were to take only what we needed, without drastic changes in the methods by which we do so, extinction rates would continue to average above the historical norm.

        People are extremely good at what they do, surviving. But haven't quite developed strategies that cope with the short-sightedness that was never such a pressing concern when there were only a few million of us on planet earth. We are like bacteria in a petri-dish, gobbling up our resources.

        There is a great problem with convincing people this is an issue they should be concerned about.
        It is difficult for a 6ft tall being that lives 70 years to grasp change on a 26000 mile sphere over hundreds of years. Lines on graphs only provide emotional impact as much as a persons imagination allows.