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Why can't people realize we are all one.

Science proves it, our DNA proves it, all living things are connected. If all would come to understand this we might have a shot at peace and even survival.


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    Apr 17 2012: James, I think people have this knowledge.

    You answered your own question when you state that "If all would come to understand...."

    Most humans operate on the knowledge level. They know what they know, I am black, I am white, I am Russian.

    But they don't "understand" what these differences mean.

    Now let me ask you, can you please give me a concrete example of how people around you are not realizing we are all one? What in particular have you noticed?
    • Apr 17 2012: Hi Mary
      I have noticed wars, class warefare, starvation and poverty to name a few. If we all work together and use kindness rather competiveness we would have none of this. You can see it in everday workings, people pass the street people like they are ghosts, walk over people who are addicted instead of offering help or calling for help. We don't make eye contact or say hello most of the time yet we are meant to be together. I could go on but I think that's a start.
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        Apr 17 2012: Yes James, you have noticed the same things we all notice.

        To get to the root of the problem, one has to dig down deep and ask the tough questions.
        Then go looking for answers.

        Being in public is sometimes like being together alone.........but you know what James?
        We personally can do quite alot to help those around us be kinder.
        By being kind ourselves, and smiling to people around us regardless of who they are. People can tell when you are smiling out of genuiness and when it is forced.
        This is a small way, and free for the doing.

        And it is important to find people in your community that have this same spirit of cooperation....the desire of oneness........have you found any James? Are there people you know that think like you in your community?

        It is a challenge, but one that can lead to great purpose in life.....that of loving and giving.
        • Apr 17 2012: Hi Mary
          I do have a group of friends who see things the way I do but we are considered a group of outsiders. I say hello to people all the time and offer help where I can, I am a very giving person. I ask the homeless how there day is going and often they answer good, thank you for asking because nobody talks to them. I am very kind to everyone I meet regardless of who they are or where they come from. I am also very in tune with nature and spend a lot of time in it and feel the connection. I guess I just feel we are meant to live in harmony like the rest of nature does.
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        Apr 17 2012: James, yes, many of us feel like you. It is good that you are this way, I think what happens, is that we want others to feel this way also, and it is tough when people just don't get it, and act like animals.

        I think, that perhaps, a lack of hope, and dare I say, faith, has had this kind of effect on individuals. What do you think?
        • Apr 17 2012: Mary, I think a lot of people do feel this way but most are caught up in being a success rather being the same at helping others. I am a very spiritual person and I think that many people of religeon get it for an hour and a half, but when they walk out of the church they don't follow what they have been taught, If you take a church of hispanics, whites and blacks, they will all be great together in church but not show the same affection outside church. I guess we, that being people like you and i have to spread it in whatever small way we can. I do a lot of publlic speaking and can maybe reach more people that way than one at a time. I have a training I give called Hope and Acceptence and I thik it addresses our lack of hope when there is so much to hope for. Without hope we have no future to reach for, no hope for a better life for all.
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        Apr 17 2012: Well, it is interesting that you mention the three ethnic groups each at their own church. My faith, is not like this. We do not have a church for spanish, one for blacks and the like.

        We have learned, through Bible study, that we are all brothers and sisters. We are neutral when it comes to the affairs of this world. We leave social and political issues to those who want to promote their personal theories. We lead by example. We are no part of the world's affairs.

        However, because we value the bible's message of hope, we go about trying to live by bible principles.

        You know, a while back there was this guy on TED who made a big deal about how it's impossible to live by bible standards.....one big joke......everyone took it as if he had enlightened us about how absurd living by the bible's teachings is. What most people seemed to ignore, is that the bible is a book of principles, with a clear theme running throughout.

        It is a pity that many view God, and the Bible, as somehing to laugh at and make fun of. This I feel is the main reason why so many today are rude, have little kindness, and live to please themselves. Look, it was foretold......2 Timothy 3:1-5. Have you read this particular scriptures before?
        • Apr 17 2012: Mary
          We have a misunderstanding, I was speaking of the three ethnic groups at the same church, but when they leave they will not show the affection they showed each other while in church. I have not read those scriptures or many others, maybe I should, it might help me understand better
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        Apr 17 2012: Well, I am glad you clarified that!

        Because, here in this part of town, we actually have them going to different churches...

        But ok. Yes I understand it this way also. Look James, also families go to church, and are all loving and smiles, then go back home and mistreat each other emotionally, verbally and the like.

        It is the prevailing attitude. I really want you to read those verses. And then, then, tell me what you think. It sheds alot of light on what we would be seeing in the last days James. There is no changing it. Please, even on-line, access a bible and read it.

        Let me know.

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