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What is Information?

In the academic the definitions of information science is debated across disciplines and has resulted in as many definition as there are sources Information. As it is reasonable to expect different perspective from different discipline, why is it so hard to define with in Information Science field?

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    Apr 16 2012: Humans can EXPERIENCE sensations via any of their five senses. Using language we QUANTIFY that experience (fragrant; glowing; loud; sweet; soft). Thus, information is Quantified Sensory Experience.
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    Apr 22 2012: Knowledge!!
  • Apr 19 2012: Information is data, that can be received and understood, this data can come in through any of your senses. Your senses recieve the signals and your brain gives you the meaning of this signals. Data has been with us since the first lifeform appeared on earth.
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    Apr 17 2012: "What gives shape"