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Do we need to have a discussion with our Governments about the proper roles and, duties of government?

In the USA alone, I have watched the Federal Government take us off the gold standard resulting in my buying power being reduced by over 1/2 dollar for dollar. I have watched "our" congress remove the Glass-Stegall Act which had prevented financial melt-downs for over 45 years. I have watched our regulators ignore the fact that our food supply system is so broken that I must cook all food to well-done in order to prevent food-borne illnesses. I have watched our government mandate the food (corn) be turned into fuel with millions starving. I have watched our government start, support, and force us to pay for wars which are morally wrong, and based on lies. I believe that government, in the USA, as we now know it, is broken. So the questions are:
1) What are the PROPER roles of a government?
2) Has our (US) government over-stepped those boundaries?
3) What are the duties of a government to its' citizens?
4) How can we act to require our governments become moral (ie congruent)?


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  • Apr 18 2012: 1) The Role of the Government is to represent the will of the people in an organized and effective manner.

    2) Our government often times over steps it's boundaries for various reasons (i.e. CIA, NSA, Prohibition).

    3) The duty of a Government to its people, other than representation of the will of the people, is to ensure the continued safety and well being of its citizens.

    4) Exercise your freedom to vote, and don't keep electing the same useless talking heads over and over. Do some real homework in regards to the selection of our leadership, and stop letting the media do your thinking for you. Hold our leadership accountable for their actions, and require at least some measure of excellence out of the people whom are chosen. Stop electing Lawyers and career politicians, and instead turn to the scientists, engineers, philosophers and artists within our society. Stay out of the personal lives of the people who run, and we might actually see some candidates step forward whom are worthy and capable of the job. No one worth electing is going to be stupid enough to put themselves through the pointless crucible of public opinion, and that just leaves the people who are willing to lie through their teeth and pretend to be something they are not just to get the job. Basically, if it does not concern the welfare of the country, or the discussion of policy, or abuse of power and position; keep your nose out of it. It's none of your business. Otherwise, don't be surprised when the people whom were willing to lie to get the job, are willing to lie to you about other things.

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