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Do we need to have a discussion with our Governments about the proper roles and, duties of government?

In the USA alone, I have watched the Federal Government take us off the gold standard resulting in my buying power being reduced by over 1/2 dollar for dollar. I have watched "our" congress remove the Glass-Stegall Act which had prevented financial melt-downs for over 45 years. I have watched our regulators ignore the fact that our food supply system is so broken that I must cook all food to well-done in order to prevent food-borne illnesses. I have watched our government mandate the food (corn) be turned into fuel with millions starving. I have watched our government start, support, and force us to pay for wars which are morally wrong, and based on lies. I believe that government, in the USA, as we now know it, is broken. So the questions are:
1) What are the PROPER roles of a government?
2) Has our (US) government over-stepped those boundaries?
3) What are the duties of a government to its' citizens?
4) How can we act to require our governments become moral (ie congruent)?


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  • Apr 16 2012: In the case of the United States, their government has been completely poisoned by their own political culture. I think that this can't be forgotten when you access the state of the US government. To answer the questions:

    1. To represent and protect the interests of their citizens is a good short hand definition I'd say.
    2. If you go by my definition than 100% yes and this should be obvious to anybody.
    3. To ensure/protect basic individual rights under law; represent the greater interest for all their citizens (not just some)
    4. I think the internet and new communications technologies clearly are enabling citizens to hold governments more accountable and I think things are moving to this. "Coding a better Government"

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