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TEDxSummit Opening Night Live Stream - Are you watching?

This Conversation will open for comments at 12pm Eastern today, with the Live Stream beginning at 12:30pm Eastern.

Happening now: The TEDxSummit 2012 Opening Night, a two-hour TED session featuring speakers and performers from the region and beyond. Watch the live stream here: http://tedxsummit.ted.com/

And use this conversation to discuss as you watch. Enjoy!

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    Apr 16 2012: Amazing talk by Nesrin Ozalp, it kindled my mind! Thank you so much! and not to forget Maz Jobrani!
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    Apr 16 2012: Congratulations to TEDxSummit--and thanks from TEDxCoconutGrove organizers.
  • Apr 16 2012: Congratulations to the TEDx team and all the hosts in Doha on a great TEDxSummit event and thank you for the clear YouTube live feed. It is much appreciated by those of us that could not make it to be there in person..