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How do we unlock the potential of girls in societies that are predominately male dominated and not impose western norms and values?

Looking at non-western nations in Africa like Nigeria, and other countries how is it possible to unlock the potentials of females where it is almost taboo in the eyes of the males to "unlock" potentials like going to school for instance. Where the norm in these societies are for them to be empowered by taking up the traditional roles of girls like going to the market or staying in the house. And how do we do this without imposes Western norms and values? I am not sure if you are aware of the Boko Haram menace in Nigeria of which Boko Haram means ""Western education is sacrilege or a sin" in Northern Nigeria of which is making it difficult to input any schools.


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    Apr 27 2012: one way could go back into the oral history of their various tribal elders to reveal the time when women were held with respect and had power in the tribe - - african queens ruled and went to school - these could be bought back into memory to show that there is nothing wrong or western in the idea of liberating the girls from a entrenched male view ...women are already doing this in various parts of the world now :-)

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