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How can corruption in the Nigerian political system be thwarted?

Any suggestions are appreciated; please cite sources to your argument rather than blathering on about it without proper knowledge. However, any discussion is good discussion!


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    Apr 16 2012: @Martin Vanis

    "I believe their corruption issue could be solved through UN-imposed embargos.."

    and i'm a firm believer that embargo never solved any such problems. look at north korea, a country can starve to death, and leaders still refuse to give in. on the contrary, i believe that an embargo hurts the people most, and gives excuse for leaders to establish harsh anti-liberal "wartime" measures.

    on the other hand, free trade helps to integrate the people in the world economy. and as people change, their possibilities change, their horizons change, so change politics.

    of course, it shouldn't stop anyone getting involved spreading the word, supporting internet coverage, cellphone coverage and so on, to promote education and promote accountability.
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      Apr 16 2012: thats a very good point. however, i feel as if the word has been spread. people know about the high levels of corruption; there is just nothing being done about it. It's a complex issue, yes, but I feel as if anything can be tackled. Any ideas?

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