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Using floating fresh water desalinization proccessing and producing plants to turn ocean and sea water into fresh water at low cost to run.

I came up with idea a few years ago and I thought I would share it with you. The floating part is doable because if they have floating oil rigs than building one of these plants is feasable. The power source is wind turbines and tidal turbines. The benefits as I see it are Fresh drinking water,Clean water for irrigation and cooling clean water for nuclear reactors. The floating plants are tsunami proof and could be built anywhere offshore in the world including in the middle of a ocean or sea. There could be more applications. Thank you


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    Apr 17 2012: specialists must say their ward about that
    what happened in EGYPT was in Nile river
    ""hinder the movement of of ships and a place to carry the parasite "" is a fact and differ from sea to ocean
    • Apr 17 2012: The concept of building a desilation factory was not ment to hurt any animal. It was a way to help everyone and every living thing with more drinking water with making more food for everyone. It was not ment to be built on a river. It would not hurt the eco-system or shipping. You know that I. Have seen satilite photos that show that at one time in history that the sahara desert had grasslands and rivers that the desert now hides. Wouldn't it be wonderfull to turn the desert back into good farm land. On your northern most border you have accsess to the meditradian sea. Maybe two of these factories would help. Thank you once again
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      Apr 18 2012: Fahd, wasn't one of the causes also the dike further up stream? Which stopped any fertile ground to reach former farmlands, forcing farmers to use artificial fertilizers without much regulation. Which contaminated the rivers and promoted the growth of germs and killed all fish? Plus I don't think that the growth of cities helped keeping the rivers clean.

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