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Using floating fresh water desalinization proccessing and producing plants to turn ocean and sea water into fresh water at low cost to run.

I came up with idea a few years ago and I thought I would share it with you. The floating part is doable because if they have floating oil rigs than building one of these plants is feasable. The power source is wind turbines and tidal turbines. The benefits as I see it are Fresh drinking water,Clean water for irrigation and cooling clean water for nuclear reactors. The floating plants are tsunami proof and could be built anywhere offshore in the world including in the middle of a ocean or sea. There could be more applications. Thank you

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    Apr 18 2012: Terry

    Didn't you post this before?

    I was hoping more would of added then but i will ask the same questions i did then.

    1) What do we do with the Brine which is the natural result that comes of desalinization if there is alot of these plants operational? What i mean is if you had say 50 of these plants up and down the coast of California they would have an adverse affect on the quality of the seawater due to the high content of the brine dumped back into it.

    2) Where are we to pump this water? To the cities or back down to replenish the Aquifers?

    It's a great idea but i would think the engineering forums would give you more energy on your idea than here and you haven't provided any links to current Desal plants operating for those who are interested but have no background in that field,which is the group i belong to.
    • Apr 18 2012: Dear sir I admit that I am not a expert in the field as you are, but I never claimed to be. These floating plants was a after thought. The question I asked myself amd you is this. What is the one thing america could produce and the rest of the world would buy or trade for. My answer was food using innovative technologies. So far I have got critizen and skeptizem from my ideas. What I have studied is that in laymans terms that the process involves reverse osmosis which you take salt water and run it through filters to turn it into fresh water. Some of the questions I have been asked are, what to do with the residue after the process(the brine as you call it). My answer and please remember that I am not a expert is to. A. Find a use for the brine or. B. Load the brine on ship and haul it out in the middle of the ocean and dump it. I am sure I will get flak for that one. Yes I am talking about refilling aguafiers and lakes and wells with fresh water processed from our oceans. To answer another persons question the water to be processed would come from the surface not the bottom.This is just a idea, my own theory and it probably has flaws but its still something to think about. I am not out to make money off of my ideas. I was trying to help my country and the rest of the world if possible with what I call innovative solutions. As i said before with droughts,global warming,ocean and sea levels rising my idea was a possible solution, nothing more. Thank you for responding. I love my country but i love the world also. I am a free thinker and thought I could help do some good in this world with what I believed to be a good idea. seemed to be interested in people sharing ideas and that is all I am doing.
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        Apr 19 2012: It is a good idea though others might not think so or even think it's impossible but the impossible might just actually work.Did it ever occur to you that by making it floating that one could imagine that you could make it moveable?By criticizing an idea,picking it to death will either get the originator to either be offended or will dig deep into ourselves and find the pro's and cons,from my standpoint the pro's outweigh the cons but it's your idea.People want the originator to have as much knowledge of their idea as they can.Even if it doesn't work just the knowledge alone will help you with coming up with more.

        Take a look at this guys idea and read what he's been through.It's a good idea but it's too big for me.
        • Apr 19 2012: Thank you for your comments. I was only trying to help. And here is a freebee for some body in your field to think about. This is on the opposite side of the spectrum. That is a portable desalation plant about the size of suit case. My design is having three hoses attachable to it One hose would draw in salt water.One hose would expell the brine and one hose would have the good drinking water coming out. It would powered by good battery that you could keep charged by a hand crank( I have a latern that you can crank for one minute and get ten minutes worth of light). That along with a one foot square fold out solar panal. The benefits of this small machine is for example: put on life rafts to provide fresh drinking water if the ship you are on sinks. And if you are stuck on island it would help if ther was no fresh water. The size case would be two foot square and weigh about ten to twelve pounds. You could it on any size ship and have the devices put on every life raft. I started to patent that idea but have decided to give it away. Now that's doable. once again thank you for your input and think about small fresh water producer and I believe that along with changing salt water into fresh water that with a little adaptation you could also clean just about any water and make it drinkable. For example: the mississippi river water could be filtered or any river and made drinkable on a small self contained, self powered device.A added note. Look at all the lives that a device like that could possibly save That in itself would make it worth the effort. The device would be a portable water desalation and water purification system , self contained, self powered.
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    Apr 17 2012: All nice and easy, but what does such a plant contribute? I mean all nice that it produces water somewhere in the oceans, but how are we going to transport all that water? If they are floating I can see a problem arising with transport, with oil its a different story as there is less oil produced. Not to mention what are the benefits over land? Less space being used? I think the problem is not space, but rather the costs of such a plant.

    You give no example of what the processes of such a plant are, how is it going to desalinate the water. What happens to the left overs? The minerals. Which water is being used? From the top layer or from the bottom of the ocean, as it can cause some serious disturbances to the fish habitats.
    • Apr 17 2012: Thank you for your questions. I will try to be more through with my idea,concept,solution on helping to solve problem that would help everyone. My observations were that with global warming that glaciers were melting faster which ment that ocean and sea levels will and are rising. I have observed land being turned into deserts, of rain forest and jungles being destroyed ( Major oxygen source ). Cities like venice itlay being flooded more often.The question is how and why? How is easy: Reverse osmosis powered by wind and water turbines to first lower ocean and sea water to safer levels. Second use the fresh water we recover for number of applications. You know clean water is needed by all to survive. We can use the water to turn deserts into fertile land. Which means more plants and trees (more oxygen ). More food for everyone.Othe than a hurricane, cyclone or a rouge wave they would be safe to operate. Our resources are dwindling on this planet and until we are able to go elsewhere in the universe to get what we need we have to look at all options with a open mind. My idea might not be the best idea but I have at least tried to make a difference. I believe all life has a right to exist and its on our shoulders as the leading species today to preserve this planet as long as we can.We can do better. Thank you and i hope you see the bigger picture now.
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        Apr 17 2012: Lower sea levels to a lower level, how exactly? Pump it in the air, dump it on the land? Most of these ideas are a bit extreme, on such a scale they would need more money than the space elevator currently envisioned. Even if we lower the seas by maybe 20 cm, all that water would be more than anyone is ever going to need within this century at any given time.

        Although these projects might be something we actually need, do you really think they are achievable within this or next generation. We are talking about influencing a process of which we understand close to nothing, powered by the world energy we have yet to harness effectively.

        About what time frame are we talking for this project to deliver some noticeable results, a decade, more? Maybe over time the effect may accumulate, but with today's technologies it would take an eternity.

        I do not mean to discourage you, but this is sheer megalomania (though I am a big fan of megalomania myself). Nothing short of a scientific leap is needed for such a thing to be achievable without ruining the world economy and putting everyone in despair for years to come.

        P.S. My apologies, I might come over quite skeptic, maybe even cynical, but do understand that nobody is going to take this approach seriously before you give it some real thought, especially about what is needed and in what timescale.
        • Apr 17 2012: You are right to a point. I do have radical theories and concepts and that idea was a bit extreem but i did put alot of thought into it and how to make it work and the potiential benefits. I basically see a problem and then I try to invent a way of solving it. I usually visualize what i believe it should look like and then I go back and try to figure out how to make it work all the way down to the last screw. And then I look at what benefits it would have. I have ideas great and small, some good some way out there. I am sharing my ideas with everyone before I die. I have had five heart attacks and i would like to share some of them with everyone before I go. Just maybe somebody will use one of them or at least ponder them as you have. I consider myself part visionary part scientist part solutionist and yes part dreamer. Thank you for your input and time.
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    Apr 17 2012: specialists must say their ward about that
    what happened in EGYPT was in Nile river
    ""hinder the movement of of ships and a place to carry the parasite "" is a fact and differ from sea to ocean
    • Apr 17 2012: The concept of building a desilation factory was not ment to hurt any animal. It was a way to help everyone and every living thing with more drinking water with making more food for everyone. It was not ment to be built on a river. It would not hurt the eco-system or shipping. You know that I. Have seen satilite photos that show that at one time in history that the sahara desert had grasslands and rivers that the desert now hides. Wouldn't it be wonderfull to turn the desert back into good farm land. On your northern most border you have accsess to the meditradian sea. Maybe two of these factories would help. Thank you once again
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      Apr 18 2012: Fahd, wasn't one of the causes also the dike further up stream? Which stopped any fertile ground to reach former farmlands, forcing farmers to use artificial fertilizers without much regulation. Which contaminated the rivers and promoted the growth of germs and killed all fish? Plus I don't think that the growth of cities helped keeping the rivers clean.
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    Apr 17 2012: Many people thought that and they said that the form of these plants are beautiful and they do not cause serious problems and problems of less interest them and this is what happened in my country Egypt for more than a century when he ordered the cultivation of plants floating on the River Nile, but has become a serious problems so it is best known rapid proliferation of these plants and hinder the movement of of ships and cause death of many fish and a place to carry the parasite and host broker for you
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    Apr 16 2012: A nice idea but I have some questions...

    The sea is often not flat, whats to stop these things breaking up?

    How do you get the water from sea to land?

    Will it be cost effective?, why do the desalination at sea when you can do it on the coast and get power from wherever you like?
    • Apr 17 2012: First off Thank you for your questions. I will try to all of them to best of my ability. Ok first question: The platform would be anchored the way floating oil platforms are with cables. It will have flexability to handle the waves.The structure would be reinforced and I would put the wind turbines on each corner. The platform can be 20 to 50 feet above any waves with round concrete or metal piers underneath to aid in ballast and to attach the cables from the sea floor to. And I would put water turbines at base or on underwater side of the piers to help power the proccessing plant along with the wind turbines.Alright second question. I see two ways. One way is to pump it onshore if you are close enough. A fresh water pipe line and if it does spring a leak there is no enviormental damage done.Another way is fresh water tankers, Like oil tankers only safer. If you have plant in the middle of the ocean you could pump it onto the fresh water tankers and ship it anywhere in the world. Third question. Tsunami's, if japan had one offshore it would have been unaffected by the tsunami and would have helped with cooling the reactors with fresh cool clean water I believe.. I see earthquakes and tsunamis as risk factors for building them onshore. Initial cost would be fairly expensive but with the applications you could get it would pay for itself fairly quickly. I see unlimted drinking water, I see turning unfertile land into good farmland.I see it as fuel for hydrogen cars, I see it as helping to cool nuclear reactors and I also see it as a way to lower the rising ocean and sea levels due to global warming and get back some the fresh water that we are losing to glacier melt.I hope I have answered your questions well enough. If not please reply. Thank you for responding.
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    Apr 16 2012: Floating plants is a real risk because it obscured the sun for plants that are at the bottom of the ocean and thus will stand the process of photosynthesis and thus produce stands dissolved oxygen in the water and therefore fish die because she can not breathe
    • Apr 16 2012: Thank you for responding. First I believe the enviormental damage would be mimunal and second the ocean and sea levels are rising due to global warming and lowering the levels in productive way would be benefical. And last but not least we as a world need more fresh water than salty ocean water. They can be built far enough offshore where no plant life would be affected or fish or other life forms in the ocean.This is just a idea and concept that I came up with that I believe would be benefical to all. The cost of building theplatforms and outfitting the plant with wind and water turbines would be expensive as well as the rest of the compnents but I feel that it pay for itself fairly quickly. Once again Thank you
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      Apr 17 2012: There is near nothing in the way of plant life on the abyssal plain which accounts for the bottom of most of the worlds oceans, there is however, photosynthetic algae floating around in the levels light can reach.

      But water in the sea flows around and so dissolved oxygen can move in from elsewhere. Considering the size of the sea I think relatively it would be a minor problem, if the plants were to be very big.