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Using floating fresh water desalinization proccessing and producing plants to turn ocean and sea water into fresh water at low cost to run.

I came up with idea a few years ago and I thought I would share it with you. The floating part is doable because if they have floating oil rigs than building one of these plants is feasable. The power source is wind turbines and tidal turbines. The benefits as I see it are Fresh drinking water,Clean water for irrigation and cooling clean water for nuclear reactors. The floating plants are tsunami proof and could be built anywhere offshore in the world including in the middle of a ocean or sea. There could be more applications. Thank you


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    Apr 17 2012: Many people thought that and they said that the form of these plants are beautiful and they do not cause serious problems and problems of less interest them and this is what happened in my country Egypt for more than a century when he ordered the cultivation of plants floating on the River Nile, but has become a serious problems so it is best known rapid proliferation of these plants and hinder the movement of of ships and cause death of many fish and a place to carry the parasite and host broker for you

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