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Using floating fresh water desalinization proccessing and producing plants to turn ocean and sea water into fresh water at low cost to run.

I came up with idea a few years ago and I thought I would share it with you. The floating part is doable because if they have floating oil rigs than building one of these plants is feasable. The power source is wind turbines and tidal turbines. The benefits as I see it are Fresh drinking water,Clean water for irrigation and cooling clean water for nuclear reactors. The floating plants are tsunami proof and could be built anywhere offshore in the world including in the middle of a ocean or sea. There could be more applications. Thank you


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    Apr 16 2012: Floating plants is a real risk because it obscured the sun for plants that are at the bottom of the ocean and thus will stand the process of photosynthesis and thus produce stands dissolved oxygen in the water and therefore fish die because she can not breathe
    • Apr 16 2012: Thank you for responding. First I believe the enviormental damage would be mimunal and second the ocean and sea levels are rising due to global warming and lowering the levels in productive way would be benefical. And last but not least we as a world need more fresh water than salty ocean water. They can be built far enough offshore where no plant life would be affected or fish or other life forms in the ocean.This is just a idea and concept that I came up with that I believe would be benefical to all. The cost of building theplatforms and outfitting the plant with wind and water turbines would be expensive as well as the rest of the compnents but I feel that it pay for itself fairly quickly. Once again Thank you
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      Apr 17 2012: There is near nothing in the way of plant life on the abyssal plain which accounts for the bottom of most of the worlds oceans, there is however, photosynthetic algae floating around in the levels light can reach.

      But water in the sea flows around and so dissolved oxygen can move in from elsewhere. Considering the size of the sea I think relatively it would be a minor problem, if the plants were to be very big.

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