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Does religion have any relevance in the modern world ?

Given that most religions are founded on ideas and teachings that come from books written hundreds, or even thousands of years ago, and that their relevance to modern ideas have been superceded by scientific discoveries, is it logical to have any belief in religion ?


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    Apr 16 2012: Peter,
    Obviously, religions have relevance for some people. Some of the ideas and teachings that religions were based on are relevant...love thy neighbor...do unto others....etc. To me, it makes sense to embrace some of those original teachings, and we can do that without embracing all aspects of the religion. Unfortunately, many religious beliefs/teachings have been twisted and manipulated in a way to control people, and in my perception, that is not beneficial to humankind.

    Each and every one of us will take what s/he wants or needs from ANY teachings, whether it be based on science or religion. I believe humans are evolving to the point of wanting to think and feel for themselves, rather than be led by dogma which is controling.
    • Apr 16 2012: Hi Colleen, I agree with much of what you say. There are certain aspects of religions that are still relevant today concerning interpersonal relations. The main objection I have is that, even though science has removed the need for a belief in an anthropomorphic deity, many people still believe that the stories in the bible are literally true; when to any logical person, it is obvious that the bible is essentially a fairytale and nothing more. As someone who understands science I don't see how it is possilble to be a scientist, and at the same time, believe in a deity.
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        Apr 16 2012: Peter,
        I don't agree that "science has removed the need...". Science may provide more information, and the "need" obviously is still active, otherwise no one would be practicing a religion...true?

        People will believe what they choose to believe based on their individual need. What good does it do you to "object"? I object to beliefs that manifest in behaviors which adversly impact other people, and I cannot see any point in objecting to people practicing a religion if it does not impact others.

        You know there are scientists who believe in a deity...right? I'm not a scientist, and I don't believe in a deity. We all do our own research, and base our understanding on so many different things, it seems kind of a waste of time to object to something you can do nothing about....doesn't it?

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