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Why are we so fragile, yet so powerful?

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link, concluding that everything has dual nature......for instance:
1-The human body can survive freezing cold and boiling hot temperatures
2-If we lose one of our sense the others become stronger
3-When trauma is caused to bone, it is rebuilt stronger
4-When you are cut or injure yourself, the body repairs the cut or injured area via the clotting mechanism, and promotion of new growth.
5-The body compensates when you get cold by shivering and delivering more fat to be burned in order to produce heat, and by sweating, to cool off the body and keeping it in homoeostasis(The ability or tendency of an organism or cell to maintain internal equilibrium by adjusting its physiological processes).
6-During trauma to the body, the body compensates by shutting down blood supply to the non vital organs and constricting its blood vessels, in order to keep vital organs functioning.

Now lets look at some negative aspects,you could die tomorrow just as easily.

Your body could be crushed in a car accident. It could accidentally fall down a flight of stairs. It could be shot by a stray or intentional bullet. It could slip into a swimming pool or pond and drown. It could be struck by lightning. It could be trapped in a burning building. It could be poisoned either accidentally or intentionally. It could have a heart attack or an aneurism. It could be blown up by a suicide bomber.... The list is nearly endless. Thousands of human bodies die every day in accidents like these.

So why this dual nature folks???

  • Apr 17 2012: Humans are among the most fragile living species. But we compensate our fragility with our intelligence, at the point that we have changed the environment to fit our needs. Most lifeforms adapt to their sorroundings, humans have change the sorroundings to fit their needs. And that is because our hability to think and bring ideas to reality. We dont belong to the ocean, but we have developed systems that help us to submerge in the water just like fish do. We have colonized and devastated jungles and turned them into cities. This sounds cruel but is part of the way we compensate our physical fragility. If we were not so intelligent maybe we would be as strong as ants. But intelligence has a price. Destruction of the environment, violence, lack of tolerance, are byproducts of our intelligence. Or maybe if we keep of evolving as species this negative aspects will disappear from the primitive sector or our mindsets
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    Apr 15 2012: We are fragile but we also are the earth's best adapters. But no matter how good at adapting we are we cannot escape chaos. These "random" chaotic acts exist everywhere in nature and every living thing is at their mercy. I dont think we realize how many swords of Damocles on in our world...I guess some people do and that's why the develope agoraphobia. These dangerss also increase with many factors, including increased poulation and technology advances. But we adapt or at least we have adapted that's why we are still here! Fragile, smart, , dangerous, adapting, humans.
    One big advantage we have over these chaotic dangers is our ability to pull together in times of need...Now I know we have never totally come together but hey maybe someday when the danger is big enough(ZOMBIE INVASION!)