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The greatest enemy we have is mass cynicism. When people get to the point when they think nothing can be done. What choices must we make?

It's easy when people are fearful and disorganized, feeling separate so we can be vulnerable to demagogues who will say it's because of government, it's because of immigrants, because of blacks, when in actuality we are all struggling over a smaller and smaller share of a bigger AND BIGGER pie.

Our attention is being deflected and diverted from the big story that all the income is going to the top. When do people cross that threshold to take action, speak up, vote, make their voices heard?

Over the last 30 years the erosion of the middle class has been relentless, union busting, healthcare access and costs, education costs, job off-shoring, taxing inequality and of course sending our youth to die in wars supporting large corporations like Exxon and Halliburton.

  • Apr 29 2012: It is not apathy. It is not cynicism.
    It is brainwashing.

    The main effect of brainwashing is a dulled ability to reason.
    The second effect of brainwashing is an impeded ability to act or take action.

    As a result of this embedding of lies within the individual and collective psyche, people (Americans), worship lies over the truth.
    The world's leading evolutionary biologist, Robert Trivers, discovered that humans hold both truth and false simultaneously but was surprised when he discovered the false is held in our conscious mind and the truth held in our un-conscious mind.
    This sets up conflicting and tumultuous inner dialog and makes it much harder to discern, hear, identify and certainly to believe, the truth.

    People have to wake up first and turn off the messages constantly poured into their consciousness on a daily basis. To believe what even one politician says, is to prove ones' serious degree of mental instability and illness.

    When the deception is discovered, the deceiver is usually attacked and they don't want this.
    They have continually told the masses that knowing the truth would cause too much fear and anxiety and that is not true. It would create great anger, just what the people need to break out of the brainwashed, induced slumber they stumble around in.

    You have an unjust system. You cannot make it just. You have to get rid of it and create a new, just system.
    Simple really. Just Do It.
  • Apr 17 2012: I agree, I am part of the Occupy movement and people condem us for trying to make positive change. We want the cororations to pay there fair share of taxes along with the top 1%. We pay ours yet last year 74% of the corporations in Pennsylvania payed no taxes. I'm not trying to pick on the top 1%, you earned your money and can have it, but pay taxes on it. We also want social justice and who could argue with that, you would be surprised who could. We have no leader and vote by a 75% agreement, direct democracy and everyone is heard. I work hard and still don't make the income my father made 25 years ago with the same education, we are becoming more impovrished every day. We need the 99% to wake up, follow the money trail and join us in our efforts to make a better country, and we do love our country.
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    Apr 16 2012: Your statement is not accurate and is more meme than reality.