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How will TEDx change the world?

Over 650 TEDx organizers have traveled to Doha, Qatar for the first ever TEDxSummit taking place this week, April 16-20. I am one of them.

Have you attended a TEDx? Are you curious about bringing the TED philosophy alive in your community? How would you participate? What ideas would you bring to the table among TEDx organizers over the next week?

Why does TEDx matter?


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    Apr 16 2012: TEDx brings out the voices of the people that would otherwise be unheard of - those who have reshaped their communities at a small, but significant level, whose initiative has been either under-appreciated or completely unacknowledged.
    Even among TEDx conferences, you see wide ranging differences in terms of size, supply of capital, number of attendees, regularity, etc.
    I think TEDx could be further improved by actively engaging "ordinary radicals" to share their ideas, and discovering an unexpected gem in the sea of stones. It is already doing wonderfully in celebrating innovation, change, and compassion, but fostering meaningful communication and interaction among people is by far the mot significant achievement of TEDx which still has a room for improvement.

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