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How will TEDx change the world?

Over 650 TEDx organizers have traveled to Doha, Qatar for the first ever TEDxSummit taking place this week, April 16-20. I am one of them.

Have you attended a TEDx? Are you curious about bringing the TED philosophy alive in your community? How would you participate? What ideas would you bring to the table among TEDx organizers over the next week?

Why does TEDx matter?

  • Apr 15 2012: TEDx won't, humans will

    TEDx is an information source, a place to give and receive, a place to share. men called it TEDx.
    in every organization there are people involved, and it is people who make things happen under the name of organization. so... can I say it is all up to us whether we want the change happen or not?

    Be the change instead of looking for a change. Change is nowhere. change is now here. it is in every one of us.
    we do/change things the way we think is best for us sometimes "forgetting" what is best for others.

    going for a war is good for one country, but bad for another... how can we find a solution for this issue?
    we "can't".. and you know why? ... unconsciously we support the war (by paying taxes).

    50 years ago we weren't bombed with information and ideas. our parents, and maybe some of you as well, were living in a small world, working side by side to build our countries. they were ones who made change happen.

    now "we" sit behind the computer and want to change the world.
    can you image how many people out there who has fear of CHANGE?
    Change sometimes can be understood as going to unknown, accepting the unknown.
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      Apr 18 2012: I see TEDx as a source of inspiration to action, but not a route to action itself. It inspired me to try to initiate a pro-action project. My problem is being drowned in all the online noise, and how to promote what I'm trying to do.
      • Apr 18 2012: Hi Nigel

        Thanks for your note ... I agree with you, different people has different approach to TED.
        In general, everyone understands it as they choose to understand it.

        By the way, I had a short visit on your site... just for a look a while ago.
        I have come across when I was reading your comment on a topic
        (can't remember now which one was It) ...
        I will have a look in derails later on. meanwhile wish you all the best.
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    Apr 19 2012: we just finished the first meeting with the student organizers at TEDxLAU in Lebanon, and this was our final activity!

    Wish i could show you the poster! but some of the comments were:
    "Geeks of the world unite",
    "inspire thoughts and ideas",
    "pause, reflect, and reconsider",
    "motivation: urging people to make a move",
    "defying challenges",
    "by not talking about change but paving the way for it",
    "the lack of inspiration is a major source of human misbehavior; the abundance of inspiration is the source of progress. TEDx is the future.",
    "TEDx is about making outstanding ideas reachable. It's about making people understand that anyone can be heard.",

    and we also had a student who chose this quote by Eric Hoffer: “In a world of change, the learners shall inherit the earth, while the learned shall find themselves perfectly suited for a world that no longer exists.”

    Thanks a lot for this discussion topic! We all loved it!

    From Beirut, TEDxLAU :)
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    Apr 20 2012: Amy,

    I just wanted to say thank you for having this conversation. I'm from Birmingham, and I now work for TED. It's nice to see my hometown (almost) representing!

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    Apr 16 2012: Had the good fortune to attend my first TEDx at MU in Columbia, MO this weekend. This was an amazing experience... to get a group of people together in one place, from different backgrounds and walks of life, with one common bond... to learn and to share and to change the world. TEDxMU is an incredibly dynamic and welcoming community. I can't wait to get more involved.
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    Apr 15 2012: It won't. It adds another facet to communication for those people that are into it.
  • Apr 15 2012: I went to TEDxNCSU for the 2nd time yesterday. My expectations were not very high, and I was pleasantly surprised. Since the last time I attended was 2 years ago I just assumed that the movement would be on the decline by now. I could not have been more wrong. It has, in fact, gotten better over the years. The demand for this type of gathering is there, and that is a very positive thing for the state of our society.

    I have a strong desire to participate in TEDx events in the future, and give talks as well. I don't know how or if this will ever come together, but the TEDx movement is inspiring to me and sometime I want to contribute my effort to it.
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    Apr 15 2012: The reality is that the world has no shortage of ideas. The ability to make ideas into reality is the rare commodity. At the irreducible minimum is a goal which is not obvious to me with TED?
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    Apr 15 2012: TEDx is bringing world together, it is a global phenomenon now.
    TEDx can be used to change world via spreading positivity and peace idea's.
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    Apr 20 2012: I do not know how TEDx will change the world, but surely it is changing me to think and reflect and share my thoughts in my blog. If high expectations are not made, the small ripples will surely turn into a refreshing stream of wisdom (not merely information)

    Excerpt from my blog.

    'How I wish that in near future, some one like Jamie Oliver will show the world, on TED Talk platform, or any other world wide forum, the immense health benefits of the 'Thali' initiative of the Bohra Community.'
    Each day around the world our Community is serving ' simple, nutritious food' to most of the community households either lunch or dinner.
    In my city Kolkata 100 % target has been achieved, that is each dinner at more than 1000 plus house hold is same. It is not charity, every one according to his financial standing and his faith in the 'project' contributes, and in a central kitchen, food is cooked and volunteers help in distribution and managing the kitchen etc:
    Thus Ted Talk helps.
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    Apr 20 2012: I believe that Ignorance should have been listed as one of the deadly sins. I think that TED can help bring light to all of us.
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    Apr 20 2012: TEDx change the people mindset who curious about TEDx as of reading the articles, TED talks and events. Moreover, their mind will be motivated as through the reading and watching of TED talks and Event photos & Videos. Last few weeks ago, we just finished our TEDxItaewonChange event in Seoul, Korea. So, I believe that TED change the world and inspiring the ideas to us, especially for our developing countries.
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    Apr 19 2012: Nothing will change if no action is there aftermath...........
    Do you have an example somthing changed somewhere after hosting TEDx or participating in it ?
    If yes, I am curious to know ..............
  • Apr 19 2012: Having been constantly following up TED Talks since more than 3 and having been attended 3 TEDx events in India,what i feel is that the entire concept of TED remains in an individuals mind only till he/she attends it.Once an event is completed,an individual having taken many powerful ideas,fails to act on it.
    Post completion of any TEDx event,Organizers must ensure that they REALLY contribute to change by following up with individuals who really wish to contribute towards what is essence of TED i.e 'IDEAS WORTH SPREADING''
    Here in India,majority of the young techies still have no clue as to what TED is.
    I think there must be short campaigns conducted by the TED community in higher Educational institutions so that young graduates know the concept behind TED and leverage it thus making a change not only with in their community,but also globally.
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    Apr 19 2012: Thanks for the best wishes.
    Getting a positive response in terms of wishes, but not so positive in terms of people prepared to commit. If this sparks anyone elses curiosity, please have a look.
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    Apr 19 2012: Do a " TED MOVEMENT " Amy . Implement things....
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    Apr 17 2012: Tedx can make a bigger difference being more opened to the low class citizens. The big key for a mental revolution in the world is attaching directly on education, specially poor people. This is quite difficult, counting that many of the groups inside this "category" don't have any access to Ted's materials. I didn't have myself a few days ago, it was a happy accident that I found out about this. Maybe Ted could come up with simpler projects. Even if you reach a lower population, their precarious formation won't be enough to let Ted's materials reach their minds and trully make a difference. Not that I underestimate these people, it's not more than a horrendous reality.
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    Apr 16 2012: TEDx brings out the voices of the people that would otherwise be unheard of - those who have reshaped their communities at a small, but significant level, whose initiative has been either under-appreciated or completely unacknowledged.
    Even among TEDx conferences, you see wide ranging differences in terms of size, supply of capital, number of attendees, regularity, etc.
    I think TEDx could be further improved by actively engaging "ordinary radicals" to share their ideas, and discovering an unexpected gem in the sea of stones. It is already doing wonderfully in celebrating innovation, change, and compassion, but fostering meaningful communication and interaction among people is by far the mot significant achievement of TEDx which still has a room for improvement.
  • Apr 16 2012: TEDX provides people in many countries discuss
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    Apr 15 2012: Interested in connecting to TED followers, collaborators, and initiators. What is happening in the Tennessee Valley?
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    Apr 15 2012: Educating
  • Apr 15 2012: I've been meeting with someone for four years discussing sustainable development, I'd like to push for the modicum of these five things, clean water, healthcare, food, education and shelter, for all! In thefour years we've been wrestling with this, it's the social and political will that is the stumbling block, more than the science. We just recently have talked about setting up a local monthly meeting, so maybe mini TEDx's, that then could use the talks and come up with what they got from them, we come from different learning methods, which enhances the discussion, trying to bridge intellectual and emotional, to figure out the social! I've been watching TED talks for a couple of years, love them, love the diversity. Not sure of the philosophy, knowledge is power?
  • Apr 15 2012: I´m a curios biologist and also a science teacher at high schools. In class we discuss TED videos that students watch.
    I never had the chance to attend TEDx in Argentina, though i´d love to. Ideas? Not yet, but if I come up with something I´ll get in touch with TED organizers
  • Apr 15 2012: Hi I Am Mônica and I am a teacher and a mother. I haven't atteded any TEDx yet, I am trying to in Campos do Jordão in June though. The reason I want to participate is because there is one possible participant who I am trying to find ways for him to have a presentation here in the city. I use TED talks in my classes and the result is great. Not only my students improve their listening and speaking skills but change their views and attitudes towards the topics presented as well. And my University students have felt the need to find out new and different ways to change things they see applied by professionals in their study area - agronomic engineering for example. So it is really important for me to try to do something like that in my community. Piracicaba is growing faster due to biodiesel, hyunday and other important factors - the river is one of them- and the population is facing now new challenges : how to cope with different cultures, how to use the resources we have here without depleting them, how to provide proper education for the children, educating not only for being able to attend university classes but to live in a balanced society, in which cooperation, respect, awareness are a must.
    So for me TEDx events help dealing with local situations in order to raise ideas, gather people for a higher purpose, not only being famous but providing tools for the improvement of life as a whole.
    My ideas are: children education for life - eating habits, importance of parent participation in children's life, spirituality
    Happiness: as U. N. now accepts the importance of that in a population, start this locally
    Create and develop projects along with universities but with a democratical selection process.
    As for participation, I would be glad to help anyway it was offered me to help. It would be meaningfull in all ways just to have it here and OPEN TO THE PUBLIC, TAKEN TO PUBLIC SCHOOLS .

    light and peace, Mônica
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    Apr 15 2012: It certainly has potential, if it only wasn't so exclusive. But then, if it opens for the masses it can lose its power, and become another MTV. Spreading ideas is a good thing nevertheless. We owe it all our achievements as a species, as a civilization.
    • Apr 15 2012: Are you talking about the same thing? TEDx is about as non-exclusive as you can get. The events I've been to can be registered for by anyone. You can't really argue that people can't find out about them. You could give me any location on the globe and in a few minutes I could find the nearest TEDx events coming up. Each event is still small, and not everyone knows about it yet, but I don't think it could be called exclusive by any stretch of the definition.
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        Apr 15 2012: Come on, they refused my application in Warsaw like I was a 2nd class citizen.
  • Apr 15 2012: TEDX provides people in many countries discuss,problems, solutions and dreams. Having TEDX events will allow people from many countries to share their dreams and sorrows. Through the age of compitert TEDX and its many companion events more people will have free access to knowledge that sometimes tales decades to acquire doing your own research without other colleagues to collaborate with.