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How will TEDx change the world?

Over 650 TEDx organizers have traveled to Doha, Qatar for the first ever TEDxSummit taking place this week, April 16-20. I am one of them.

Have you attended a TEDx? Are you curious about bringing the TED philosophy alive in your community? How would you participate? What ideas would you bring to the table among TEDx organizers over the next week?

Why does TEDx matter?


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  • Apr 15 2012: I went to TEDxNCSU for the 2nd time yesterday. My expectations were not very high, and I was pleasantly surprised. Since the last time I attended was 2 years ago I just assumed that the movement would be on the decline by now. I could not have been more wrong. It has, in fact, gotten better over the years. The demand for this type of gathering is there, and that is a very positive thing for the state of our society.

    I have a strong desire to participate in TEDx events in the future, and give talks as well. I don't know how or if this will ever come together, but the TEDx movement is inspiring to me and sometime I want to contribute my effort to it.

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