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Emotionally LARGER impacts caused by social media.

Due to new kinds of ways to communicate with friends, family, or even strangers, called social media, we are now more able to hear information fast as well as people's opinion on the matter. Recently there have been a few protest or organizational groups built on social media such as with SOAP and Kony. In each case these groups were able to spread their message using social media and ultimatly get people to feel compassion for their cause.

This series of thought got me thinking about social media and the emotions it brings on the people using it. The both of those cases, information was spread remarkably fast but it was more than that. People were standing up to something they thought wasn't right, even if it was only singing a petition or posting something on Twitter or Facebook.

So, the question I am asking is this: Does social media spread not only spread information but also an 'ideal' idea of what people are supposed to think about a topic? During social media do we become part of a group/mob and lose our own individuality.

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    Apr 15 2012: Does SM spread info and ideals? Yes and No. It mostly spreads opinion and gossip.

    Humans are ridiculously emotional regardless of Social Media or not. And when you consider that most people will click "like" on just about any old thing, it really has very little meaning. (I've never been able to comprehend why a million clicks or views means anything other than people are fundamentally lazy).

    Propaganda is going to be the bugbear we are going to have to watch - as well as those people that are trying to lock-down, monitor and control social media for exactly that purpose.

    I've only ever experienced the mob/group thing at a large concert and I found it disconcerting and not something I wanted to be a part of. I'm not sure it exists online but I suppose it is a nice ego-stroke when someone thumbs you up or agrees with you.