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Let the Chips fall where they may

"Its only after you've lost everything that ur free to do anything"

Why do we not wish to live happily the way we are instead of pursuing fantasies? Each and every individual in a society plays a key role in keeping the cycle of life rolling....if there were no sweepers, who would clean the city for you, if there were no doctors, who would u go to when ur sick

In this modern era, every one wants to be the king of the world, but sadly, theres only one king out of the millions...not 2 or 3. So do what ur best at....excel in it....and "Let the Chips Fall where they May"


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    R H 30+

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    Apr 15 2012: Wow. Ok. Alot going on here. Freedom from loss. Interplantary resettlement. Fatalism. Dreams and fantasies. Finding personal value, and laisser-faire involvement. I would like to stay with the main heading: Let the chips...may. I would offer that people have tried since the dawn of time to do so. Not the 'leaders', not the 'A-types', but the majority of people have tried to do their best, be a good citizen, and live happily ever after. The problem is that one day some 'leader' sends someone to knock on your door and take you and your children for 'the cause'. Leaders love that we 'live and let live'. That's one less person in the way.
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      Apr 15 2012: hahhahahhhahhahaaa......ok i admit....that i overdid myself this time....but the thing which ur trying to portray is that im more like an anti planner, and a person who goes by the rules of the government. which is utterly wrong. My perception is " Do ur best and leave the rest to God". as for the "Leaders injustice" part.....and since i belong from a place called ( Federally administered tribal area- near Afghanisthan border) where ther's complete lawlessness...if u don't join the cause of the ruling party...then ull end up in my backyard...where every person has his own rules of playing the game saying" Weapon is my ultimate Law"...but any ways....thanks for the comment :D...God bless ya!!! and cheers :D

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