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A Big Picture approach. The new Pioneer, let ideas work for our country and our world.

If you want to explore solutions to better the world, you need to start right here. The US became great through innovation-construction-marketing. Today, innovation is being crushed by the free market system. From start to finish everyone wants to get rich. If you have an idea or invent something, it will cost you thousands of dollars and countless hours to make it happen, so great ideas never materialize into economic gain for our country. For the inventors that have the ability to follow through on their dream, Innovation costs an arm and a leg. Construction/ marketing cost even more. So, everyone who makes it this far, has to build it overseas to make money. This has to change. In my opinion, the greatest minds this country has will always be anonymous, unless we change it… -Start a non Profit CO -Make deals with engineering schools around the country- Ask the American people for their ideas. Charge a small fee per submission to ensure we get real ideas with thought behind them- Engineering students from the schools chose review these submissions, individually and in groups. Every idea is reviewed by three students- Students, with the help of their teachers and debate with other students pick the best submissions.- Meet with the inventor and build a prototype -Engineers review the prototype. If it is determined to be viable, take it to market-Test market it/ if it works- Go to a recession crushed community and rent a old building. Convert into a manufacturing facility.Hire veterans and their families. Pay a good wage with benefits. Occupy houses that are vacant. Start building a it Make $- Pay the inventor a pre determined fee per unit sold. Invest the rest of the money back into the company and its employees-Repeat. Make the manufacturing facilities fluid giving the ability to adapt to new products.-Ask for help from the Gov.Who would be against that? Package every product in a red-white and blue box. MADE IN THE USA by veterans & their families

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    Apr 15 2012: Well, sounds great. Do it.