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Abortion should be legal and encouraged.

Many women get pregnant with unwanted babies, many do not have the money to rise them, many do not have the love needed to do so. Many of these childern grow up in poor conditions which do not give them any better possibility to improve themselves both from a social side, as much as from a economic one. This is why abortion should be encouraged in certain situations. Less suffering for the children, less suffering for the parents, and a slowing down of births in this overpopulated world. It would not lead to all women having abortions, as many wish and have the possiblity and right means to rise a baby. Together with the right use of sex. ed., the number of unwanted pregnancies would eventually lower and that would also lead to a decrease in abortions themselves.
However, before that, we should learn that abortion is possible and not a taboo subject.
I would like to hear your options on the matter.


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  • Apr 21 2012: I absolutely agree with you. Ever woman should be aware that she does not necessarily has to deliver a baby once she gets pregnant. It is a woman who should make the final decision about her fetus's life or death, depending on her financial stability and psychological readiness for becoming a mother.
    • Apr 21 2012: I agree.

      Thank you for your answer.
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      Apr 24 2012: Hi Imogene,
      I agree with you to a certain extent, but you seem to completely disregard the role of paternal responsibility. In your argument, what is the role of a father?

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