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Abortion should be legal and encouraged.

Many women get pregnant with unwanted babies, many do not have the money to rise them, many do not have the love needed to do so. Many of these childern grow up in poor conditions which do not give them any better possibility to improve themselves both from a social side, as much as from a economic one. This is why abortion should be encouraged in certain situations. Less suffering for the children, less suffering for the parents, and a slowing down of births in this overpopulated world. It would not lead to all women having abortions, as many wish and have the possiblity and right means to rise a baby. Together with the right use of sex. ed., the number of unwanted pregnancies would eventually lower and that would also lead to a decrease in abortions themselves.
However, before that, we should learn that abortion is possible and not a taboo subject.
I would like to hear your options on the matter.

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    Apr 24 2012: For me I would like to see just one abortion debate where we do not separate the rape victim from the promiscuous teen. I used to do that myself until I realised that I was making value judgments, which is simply wrong, and limits the scope of the debate.

    Abortion should be legal but discouraged. Legal simply because it is a choice, and what grows inside your body is yours. But discouraged because it is ending a human life, in much the same way that dropping a bomb or planting an IED or shooting someone with a gun or chopping off heads with machetes is ending a human life. The only distinguishing factor then, is the fact that this human life is inside the woman who has total responsibility and decision making power.

    In order to have a healthy debate about the issue we must also dispense with the inevitable, "she made her bed, now she has to lie in it" argument. There is a prevalent opinion, in America at least, that women have abortions because they just simply don't want to deal with the consequences of their actions. They are dealing with the consequences of their actions. This abortion is a consequence of their actions. The argument that she should somehow be forced to have the child only satisfies our desire to see someone "get what they deserve" and this line of thinking should be discarded.

    If we want to end abortion, we have to own up to the fact that it is a societal problem and as such, each person's responisbility to work toward a society where abortion becomes a non-issue. Do what you can where you can. If it's ministering medically, do that. If it is education, educate. At the very least, all parents should teach our children that their bodies are beautiful and not to be used lightly, that sex is a wondeful gift, but by God give it to someone who is truly deserving . . . Someone who loves you more than they love themselves.

    Romantically ideological, but it's time to dare to dream big.
  • Apr 21 2012: I absolutely agree with you. Ever woman should be aware that she does not necessarily has to deliver a baby once she gets pregnant. It is a woman who should make the final decision about her fetus's life or death, depending on her financial stability and psychological readiness for becoming a mother.
    • Apr 21 2012: I agree.

      Thank you for your answer.
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      Apr 24 2012: Hi Imogene,
      I agree with you to a certain extent, but you seem to completely disregard the role of paternal responsibility. In your argument, what is the role of a father?
  • Apr 14 2012: You have not mentioned another motive to promote abortion: Research has revealed that abortion prevents crime. Instead of having the burden of raising children when the parents are still to young to have the means and the abilities for it, they get their children later after they have finished their education and obtained a well paying job. So they have more time, more means, more experience, more knowledge and are better parents.

    However.... I have repeatedly observed that death is not the end of our existence, death is like birth a passage to the next stage of our existence. A few times a deceased person has come to me immediately after his death because he-she wanted that his-her body was found and one time because she wanted to know what had become of me.
    Those experiences, being the the complement of near death experiences, (, convinced me to become religious and made me lose all fear for death.
    If we need a change of laws, then we need a new law, that recognizes an unborn baby as a human being with all rights born people have.
    By the way, what will you say after your death in case you meet in afterlife a person who asks you: I´m your child, but you denied me my life by letting me being aborted. What gave you the right to do that?
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      Apr 14 2012: You talk to the dead? Do you mind teaching me how to accomplish such a feat?
      • Apr 15 2012: Sorry I 'm still a bit clumsy handling TED. You can find my answer above. HdB
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      Apr 14 2012: Hubert

      Well said, but your link is broke. By the way I have had similar experiences and I don't mean my workers either.


      the trick is to talk louder and slower.
      • Apr 15 2012: Sorry I 'm still a bit clumsy handling TED. You can find my answer above. HdB
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    Apr 24 2012: Um .. it is what it is. No one can say ..
    Each time is of itself, and no one knows what time intends.
    We each make our decisions according to faithy, but there is no one faith, and no one can judge.

    YOu kinda have to have been there.

    My mother was raped and gave birth, she kept it secret, but we later found out, and made contact witht eh rape-child and her family.

    At this time, they are all dead from cancer.

    We are not to choose beyond our choices, and no morality penetrates that.

    Stop judgng, you might find yourself left behind the place that life has assigned for you, and you will pass into nothing, while someone else makes the decision you could not make.
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    Apr 24 2012: Kill it. Don't kill it. Make it legal to kill it so that it is not murder. Justify whether or not it should be killed. Protest. Vote. Argue. Tell stories for or against in search of empathy. Describe it as a living being that has every right to live as we do or as a parasite. Choose wisely for the fate of existence is in the balance. PEACE
  • Apr 20 2012: @ John Smith: I'm not angry, just passionate about this issue. Maybe I used too strong wording, I only wanted to get my point across. I'm sorry if it sounded rough. I am American, and I see what's happened here since abortion was legalized by Roe vs Wade. It's not good. Even the woman who participated in Roe vs Wade, the court case that legalized abortion here, now regrets it. A lot of women regret the decision to abort once they are older, and they have a lot of guilt about it. They are killing another human being, after all. Think about it.
    I wouldn't encourage anyone to do that. I would encourage women to think about the consequences of their actions first, before they ever have sex... and men too for that matter. People who are not ready for a baby should not be having sex to begin with. That is the point where I think society needs to support these young people, and let them know it's ok to say no. No,we don't have to agree, but I have no ill-feelings toward you, I promise....just trying to give you another view point.;)
    • Apr 20 2012: I understand.

      Thank you for your answer.
  • Apr 19 2012: @ Andrea....I think John has started a very relevant, lively debate here! Don't you? lol! We all have such strong feelings on this issue! I too have a serious problem with abortion, period. To John's point here, though, it troubles me to think what would probably happen (and maybe all ready does). Which females would be SELECTED to 'encourage" or "suggest" that they "weigh their options more carefully", and WHO ON EARTH would be the ones to decide which girls were given this suggestion? I think it would ultimately be directed toward the poor, which would be a bit like saying that only the rich deserve the respect to not be subjected to the idea that they cannot take care of a baby. Because someone assumes that a wealthier person can afford help even if they are not mentally ready to have a child. Then, there's a question of WHO would decide? Probably, in would end up in the hands of the government in some form of fashion, esp. for any women on welfare. That does sound to me a little like the picking and choosing that Hitler did. I know it's never good to invoke the name of Hitler, and I don't think John is any sort of Nazi for bringing up this debate is a view point that is shared by others, but I hope he can understand how it relates. It's not just about a woman's right to choose or population control. It is, IMHO, discriminatory and downright dangerous to head down this path of encouraging anyone to have an abortion. It is killing a human life, which like you said, doesn't even give the poor baby a shot at being ANYTHING, not even miserable!!!
    • Apr 19 2012: I do understand your reference to the nazis. Let's not bring them up anymore, please.

      You aked:

      "which females would be SELECTED to 'encourage" or "suggest" that they "weigh their options more carefully"

      Well, I say, all of them. But especially the ones which do not have the means. I'm not saying that rich people with no brain should have children, in my first post I clearly wrote "Many women get pregnant with unwanted babies,many do not have the money to rise them, many do not have the love needed to do so (."
      But again, rich people with no brains DO have children, is there any way to stop them? No. However their children will probably suffer the consequences of this lack of love. But not all people with money are no-brainers, and I'm absolutely not saying that people with low incomes should not have children.
      Again, as I said it's not a question of luxury items or designer clothes.

      And I'm not saying that abortions should be FORCED, I'm just saying that women should have a choise and should consider all possiblities, looking at both their economic, maritial (if they're married), situation. As well as other situations (family etc)

      Moreover, remember this is just a debate. Please don't take it so personally (I hope it doesn't sound bad in english, I'm not a native speaker) :)
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    Apr 19 2012: Yes... and no. I think abortion shouild be allowed for woman who have been a victim of rape, incest or if their life will be threatened by having the baby. But, I dont think abortion should be allowed for people who had sexual intercourse without protection and just think its ok to get rid of it. It was your choice to have sexual intercourse without thinking about the consequences. You should have to deal with it.
    • Apr 19 2012: In response to Dilann Yasin:

      "It was your choice to have sexual intercourse without thinking about the consequences. You should have to deal with it." I agree, but why wouldn't you let her have an abortion? It's also her choise after all. And I think that a woman should have the freedom to decide. Don't you think that in that case the hypothetical "she" would opt for an "underground" abortion? Which implies many risks?

      "But, I dont think abortion should be allowed for people who had sexual intercourse without protection"
      As I have said before, "protection" is never 100% effective, except if it's abstinence. 
      Thank you for your response.
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        Apr 23 2012: I think its a fine line we walk when talking about abortion but I see what you are talking about. Thank you for helping me see it a different way.
  • Apr 19 2012: I totally disagree with you. How can you say it cause less suffering to have an abortion, have you ever done any kind of research on it? Have you heard of post abortion syndrom, do you have an idea of how it damages the mother of the aborted baby? I just don´t get how people complain about hitler´s actions,of how many deaths he is responsable, maybe its not your case but, it is a fact, he was a terrible person. But, at the end abortion is the same, your taking away the same lives hitler did.Except that you are not giving them even the oprtunity to live.You say that you aproove it in some situations, wouldo you kill a syndrom kid just like that because, you don´t have money to support him, would you think its fair? there are many other possibilities than having abortions because, you don´t have money, have you heard of adoption. The baby you don´t want to have, the one you are saying its ok to abort him,has that possiblity has the oppotunity to live.It is funny but, all the pro obortion people were born, why are you so selfish by not letting this babies have the same possibility that you had.rember ABORTION, ADOPTION choose the living option, they want to live too.
    • Apr 19 2012: Answering Andrea Flores:

      I respect your opinion, and I think you made some good points. However:

      "How can you say it cause less suffering to have an abortion, have you ever done any kind of research on it? Have you heard of post abortion syndrom, do you have an idea of how it damages the mother of the aborted baby?" 
      First of all, I personally know women who have had abortions. They did it at the time when they did not have enough to raise a baby. All of them were fully conscious of what they were doing and what they wanted to do, they did not suffer afterwards. You may call them heartless if you want, but they DID have children later when they could/were ready for it. Moreover, abortion can be damaging, but anything can be if we're not cautious or ready for it. Even giving birth can be traumatizing if you are not ready.

      Moreover, I have to say that unfortunately, adoption isn't always "easy" neither for the ones adopting nor for the ones being adopted. And also, yes, there are some options other than abortion, but think, how many children have been killed by their mothers AFTER they were born? 
      In my country there has been this very famous case, where a woman  killed her few-month old daughter and later lied to the police about it (she told them she had been kidnapped).
      This happened in a country where abortion is illegal.

      (ps. When you wrote:
      "I just don´t get how people complain about hitler´s actions,of how many deaths he is responsable, maybe its not your case.."
      Where you implying that I'm a Nazi supporter or sympathizer? If yes, then the answer is: no, I'm not.)
      Thank you for your response
  • Apr 17 2012: @ John Smith: I'm flabbergasted by your suggestion that because someone is poor they will not have a life worthy of being brought into this world. Basically, I am hearing you say we should encourage people to kill the poor & unwanted. That's sick! I would try every way in the world to encourage abstinence, and making good, sound decisions ahead of time rather than encouraging killing a human being after the fact. Most people have the choice of pregnancy prevention, which to me, is always better than killing a baby. Screw population control! What kind of world would it be if we regularly encouraged people to kill babies? Encouraging is only a step closer to forcing after all.
    • Apr 18 2012: In response to Michelle Reeder:

      I think you must have misunderstood me. I'm not saying that poor people should not be allowed to have children! What I meant is that some people do not have enough money to buy food, clothes ie. do not have the means to raise a child. Wouldnt it be worse for the baby to die from hunger, or live in an unhealthy and disfunction family rather than never having been born? I'm not talking about buying designer clothes or iPhones and iPads for Christmas or Birthdays. I'm talking about basic things which are needed to live, not about toys, cars or the like.

      Moreover, I already said that contraception is needed, but it's never 100% effective. And I'm not forcing anyone to have abortions. I said that if someone doesn't have the means, she should have the freedom to decide wheater she wants/doesn't want a child. I'm not forcing anyone. By "encourage" I mean that we should encourage expecting women to think about weather they really DO have the means and DO have the right situation and are mentally ready to have a baby.
      I hope I made myself clear.
      Thank you for your answer.
      • Apr 19 2012: I see what you're saying...I'm just not sure that you do. It does sound a tad Hitler-esque, to suggest that some people kill their babies for ANY reason. Who are you suggesting that we "encourage"? You did not say anything about rich kids with the money to support a child, but no brains to do so! You are in essence, talking about poor people, and that overall is what Hitler did. He took a group of people he did not like, and forced them to do awful things such as take part in his sick experiments,. etc. Now, I'm not saying that you are a Nazi, in NO WAY, I just would like you to get a feel for how your argument sounds to some.
        Furthermore, In America, women were given the "right to choose', and our abortion rates sky-rocketed. You cannot tell me that all those women would have had back-alley abortions, or starved or murdered their kids as a result of not being able to abort them! Even the dumbest, poorest, youngest person can become a slobbering fool for their own babies, once they are born! Also, a nurse that I know who used to work for an abortion doctor said that she saw teen girls in there all the time. One in particular had been in there THREE times. THREE separate abortions! Some kids are using abortions like contraception! I do not think that is what you are wanting to happen by your suggestion, but that is the reality we are now facing here.
        • Apr 19 2012: "You cannot tell me that all those women would have had back-alley abortions, or starved or murdered their kids as a result of not being able to abort them!"

          Of course not, that's not what I said, some women do end up loving their children after they're born. As you well put "Even the dumbest, poorest, youngest person can become a slobbering fool for their own babies, once they are born!"
          But, unfortunatly, not all of them do. That's why I'm saying they should have a choise. Decide: do I want to have an abortion, or to have the baby? Can I afford it? Will the baby be loved? Can I have the baby in the situation I am now?

          Moreover, you talked about the USA. Well as far as I know abortion is legal in the US. I dont know if you're American, if you live there or if you're just referencing to it, so I won't make assumptions about your nationality. However, I do know that where I live abortion is illegal (except in some cases like rape etc), and that's exactly what I'm talking about. Countries where women have no freedom to decide unless they're raped or their life is in danger. Maybe in the US is different. But here it is the way it is.
          The avarage worker makes 300(us)$ a month, which is not enough to raise a baby (at least here), but that doesn't stop people (not teens, people well into their 30s) from having 1,2 or even 3 children which end up eating unhealthy food, not going to the doctor (bacuse it's too expensive) or not going to better schools or universities (going to poor ones).

          I see your point of you and I appreciete the fact that you gave many elements which I had not included. Maybe we just see things from a different perspective :)
        • Apr 19 2012: And I forgot to comment the issue concerning teenagers:
          As you said, no that's not what I'm suggesting. I undertand abortion to happen once or twice, if contraception has failed or there is a human error behind it. But not as a mean of contraception itself.
          I personally think children should have and learn about contraceptives. I dont know how is it in your country.
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    Apr 16 2012: what i feel is before encouraging the subject of abortion and make it legal,its good to find out the pros and cons of abortion and the pros and cons of contraception and then move forward with the subject which is more precise in the matter of safety since at the end its the matter of safety and the health of the people undergoing it.
    since every person has ihis own perspection regarding a subject but its good to get a clear picture about the subject and then move forward with it.
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    Apr 15 2012: Abortion is legal in the UK (different rules apply in NI). It's a woman's right to choose to have a termination if the pregnancy is less than 24 weeks and she can convince two GP's that carrying on with the pregency would be detrimental to her health or wellbeing. Her GP or clinic counsellor will give her the facts she needs to make this most difficult decision.

    There are other options available to women, including abstinence (not having sex - the only 100% safe and effective method), male contraception (condoms), female contraception (coil, cap, pill, patch) and the morning after pill. These are all actively encouraged - abortion is always a sad last resort.

    An abortion is never, by definition, a form of contraception. Contraception prevents conception from happening.
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      Apr 16 2012: You notice something Heather,theres only one method for men in your post other than getting the snip is there any other method out there?

      When one breaks it down why hasn't there been more research into providing another male alternative/s?

      Ask any guy and they will pause when they answer you.
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        Apr 18 2012: Ken, most women will consider this a good thing since men don't get pregnant - women need to protect themselves and be in control of that protection. Of course, men can always say "No" or actually insist on using a condom - which they should for their own sexual health.

        Abortion is one of those super hot issues that divides people beyond all sense of proportion.

        In medieval times, and beyond, couples "practised" their sexual compatibility prior to marriage since divorce was not an option. Many wealthy families encouraged this "practice" until their intended got pregnant - it being so important to produce an heir.

        Of course, dirty, rotten scoundrels were often frog-marched up the aisle to face up to their responsibilities. So called “shot-gun weddings” were once very common (right up to the 1960's). Many first children were born less than 9 months after their parent’s marriage!

        Unwanted pregnancies were dealt with my midwives - it was a private women's issue. If a pregnancy went full term unwanted babies were disposed of by various means - abandonment at the church door, exposure/neglect/smothering leading to their death, adoption within or outside the family. Legal abortion is only the modern means of dealing with a human issue that has always been part of every society. Since the medical profession has taken over from midwives the issue of abortion has become more visible and hence more controversial. Ending a pregnancy is the ultimate form of female empowerment - which women have always, and will always, exercise.
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    Apr 15 2012: Who woukld do the encouraging, and what business is it of theirs?
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    Apr 15 2012: When was the last time human life was of so little value?
  • Apr 15 2012: To Shallow Water Walker and pat gilbert.
    how do you see, how do you hear? because you have eyes and ears. did you realize that when you was 2 years old? probably you did not even think about it. and it is something similar to me.
    physically I look decades younger than I am. they tested my I.Q. and were stunned, I made their severest test error free and faster than they could read the questions. at the age of 45 an EEG was made an had to be remade in the presence of the neurologist. he too was stunned, I had the EEG of a teenager. So I don't know how I do it.
    One evening I was watching tv. my wife, severely ill had gone to bed early and was sleeping. Suddenly I felt the presence of a man at the other side of the low table in front of me and at the same time I knew that he was the neighbor of one of our sons, living 80 km east of us, that he had died just before and that he wanted to be found.
    I had never met him but knew of his existence. our son was a friend of him and had a key of his home. The man was maybe only 2 seconds in front of me and then he was gone. So I started to phone our son but could not reach him because he slept somewhere else that night. The next day I was informed that the man had been found dead in is home and his death was estimated at exactly the same time I had felt his presence.

    So I simply don't know how I do it. It is definitely not spiritisme or something Gothic and I'm very careful to stay away from such things
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      R H

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      Apr 15 2012: Now this is an interesting subject. Promoting the wholesale slaughter of innocent humans who have no voice is not. Possibly you could pose a question or an idea on this site to start a conversation regarding this enigmatic phenomenon...
      • Apr 17 2012: Hi RH, I believe there is some misunderstanding.
        John Smith suggests that abortion should be legal and ask for opinions about hat subject.
        In answer I stated two things. First I answered that his motivation pro abortion is incomplete and cited the experience of a country ( not mine) that legalized abortion.
        Next I stated "However...." and gave clearly my motivation against abortion and stated that there should be a law that declares that abortion is equal to first degree murder.
        Finally I asked him a personal question with the intention to let him reconsider the matter.
        So, Where and when was I promoting wholesale slaughter?
        To prevent any further misunderstanding: I am against abortion, I consider it equal to deliberate murder.
        Greetings HdB
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          R H

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          Apr 18 2012: You are correct. There's definitely a misunderstanding. Your ability to 'communicate' with the 'dead' is the 'interesting subject', and 'enigmatic phenomenon' I referred to. The original supposition of this 'debate' by the author John Smith was what I was referring to with the 'wholesale slaughter' comment. In other words, your 'subject' of paranormal activity is far more interesting to me than the 'debate' of children destroyed for economic reasons. Sorry for the lack of clarity. I wish you would present a TED quesiont/idea/debate on your subject. I would like to see how many other people would relate similar experiences, or see reasons why some other people think it's impossible.
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      Apr 15 2012: Hubert

      The only way you are going to convince people is to back it up with signed evidence from a major institution on your EEG readings and quite possibly a gene map,this is a horrible thing to say but that really is your only option,upon your other reflections of life continuing then you would have to come up with something that only the others would know personally about themselves that only they know.

      I only say this as in this communication medium anybody can say anything about everything.
      • Comment deleted

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          Apr 15 2012: Actually i'm trying to protect him,i'm hoping he throws up documents proving his tests he had done which he can rely on when his posts are made fun of,otherwise someone could complain and then his acc and posts could become deleted like what happened to the bridget character who could argue their case word for word.

          I don't need to see a video,a few in my own family have had the procedure when they accompanied their partners at the time,it made sure that my nieces that are here today were born once they witnessed it first hand,it's the only area of health that i would refuse to work in when i used to be an orderly back in the late eighties but in saying so, it used to be very easy for young women here to get an abortion,a visit to the doctor,15 minute questionnaire and hey presto you're booked in.I don't know whether it's still the same but i wouldn't be surprised if it is.

          Wait til you've helped examine afterbirths with obstetric nurses,it made me want to fry it up and eat it.It's the most amazing life support system ever made.
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        Apr 16 2012: Do you see that this is a symptom of something much bigger?
      • Apr 20 2012: Hi Ken,
        1. Your question to Heather for other male contraception methods, I used vasectomy when my wife and I decided that we had enough children. Requires less than 10 minutes and 100% effective forever.
        2. I have a set of conversations in mind where I need advice from an experienced member. Would you please contact me by e-mail? Thank you.
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    Apr 15 2012: I suggest we should be encouraging the responsible use of contraception, the freedom for women to control when and how they have sex, and reducing poverty to reduce unwanted pregnancies.

    Attack the root cause first.

    I actually think when balancing the rights of the fetus, its human potential, ability to suffer, with the rights of the women to control what goes on with their body, there are occasions when the argument for abortion is more or less ethical depending on the situation. A pregnancy via rape being terminated seems more reasonable than failure to use contraception.

    I find the arguments above problematic. I don't think abortion should be used as primary contraception. Alternatively It is all well and good to say life is sacred, without acknowledging quality of life and the burden women have to carry with children.

    However, in terms of what is best for society, making abortion illegal is not going to work. But lets not forget to focus on avoiding unwanted pregnancies.
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      Apr 15 2012: re: "some states making it harder": If they are that doesn't change the fact that it IS legal and encouraged.
      re: "legal does not mean actively encouraging": Legal means the ruling authorities say it is OK to do something. That constitutes encouragement when compared with the discouragement resulting from something being deemed illegal and punishable by law.
      re: "we all prefer less unwanted pregnancies": we prefer less cancer too, but that doesn't mean we kill cancer patients.
      re: "it may be a mixed bag": Mr. Smith has set the scope of this conversation. It is one, irreduciblle statement--"abortion should be legal and encouraged." Your comment is beyond Mr. Smith's scope. Thanks Mr. Obey.
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        Apr 16 2012: Probably semantics or a different view of emphasis or different view on what is happening.

        To me legal means you want be prosecuted. It is legally acceptable.
        Encouraged is something beyond that - campaigning in support etc.

        I see some positions in favour of choice as opposed to people encouraging terminations.
        E.g. I support people having the choice to follow whatever religion they want. I don't encourage them. I don't hear of many D or R's out there encouraging people to have abortions, while some may support the choice being legally available.

        Big picture, abortion is one of the toughest issues. Womans reproductive rights versus the rights of foetus (developing human). I really struggle with this one, but on balance, in part due to the consequences suggest it should be legal, but unwanted pregnacies discouraged.

        Suggest women's voices should be heard in preference to men. And not forget the voiceless.
        I think men don't fully comprehend having something grow inside you, part of you, and the life sentence to look after it. People against legal abortion should perhaps to more to support single mothers or adoption etc.
    • Apr 15 2012: In response to Mr. Obey No1kinobe's answer:
      I would like to apologize for not making myself clear enough. I agree that "abortion should not be used as primary contraception" , but that's not what I ment by saying that abortion should be encouraged. I ment that we should not make it harder for a woman to have an abortion, or to outright ban it. I also agree that "we should be encouraging the responsible use of contraception", however, contraception is never 100% effective, unless it's sterilization.

      I myslef know a woman who got pregnant while on birth control, and not once, but twice: now, she did not have an abortion as both she and her husband were financially and mentally read for a child. But what if they had not been ready? What if they had not had enough money?
      Moreover, if a woman who does have the means to have a child, become pregnant because she did not use contraception, and later decides to abort, well, I consider that wrong. But I will not force her to have a child, nor will I think that abortion should be illegal. I just think there should be freedom of deciding wheater a woman wants or doesnt want to have a child.
      Thank you for your response.
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        Apr 16 2012: Thanks for clarifying.
        Agree there is a balance between helping people consider the options and the consequences and not putting people through hoops - having to watch abortions or see ultrasounds before they go through with a procedure. The support or counselling should be mostly optional.
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    Apr 14 2012: You must be happy to learn that abortion is not illegal (read legal) and is not discouraged (read encouraged). It is also "possible" and is not a "taboo subject". Any other blockbuster ideas Mr. Smith?
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      Apr 14 2012: Abortion is encouraged? tell me more.
    • Apr 15 2012: In response to mr. edward long:
      Again, I apologize for not making myself clear enough. I was talking about a world-wide view of the abortion issue. There are many countries where abortion is still illegal and looked down/frown upon, moreover, I would not say that abortion is not a taboo subject, altough it probably depends in which country (for eg. I have never been to the U.S.). Personally, in the country where I grew up, we had not sex. education at school, no one ever though us about contraception or birth countrol, therefore, abortion was considered quite a "sensitive" topic. Moreover, (where I grew up) abortion is still illegal unless the woman has been raped,her life is endangered by the pregnancy etc.
      Thank you for your response.