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What features do u seek in the search engine of the future?

With ever expanding world wide web, search engines are key elements in finding information we need on time. How do you imagine the perfect search engine of the future? How smart do you want it to be? How are you concerned about privacy of users?

I'm a student majoring in Computer Science, and recently started developing a search engine, which I expect to outperform all existing search engines in terms of efficiency and smartness. I hope that this conversation will help me to make my search engine one step closer to the search engine of the future.

All answers are appreciated.
Thank you.


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    Apr 20 2012: Also another important thing is, search result should be based on reliability, accuracy.
    Not based on page rank kind of things.
    But how and who decides reliability or accuracy thats a big question in my mind ????
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      Apr 21 2012: how would you measure reliability & accuracy ?
      - Imagine that there are 10,000 web pages talks about the subject of "TED Conferences", then definitely (or most likely) that those websites will give a link to ted.com at some point.
      - These links are considered a VOTE for ted.com from all those webpages.
      - The site that get the most links is considered as an Elected page for that specific keyword.
      - That website will get ranked first!

      Welcome to google page rank !!
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        Apr 22 2012: i am not sure how much page rank reliable, ,may be because i don't know in detail how page rank calculated. but i have seen websites using tricky strategies to get their sites ranking better. Even though content is not much reliable. So yes, its really difficult to measure content reliability.

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