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What features do u seek in the search engine of the future?

With ever expanding world wide web, search engines are key elements in finding information we need on time. How do you imagine the perfect search engine of the future? How smart do you want it to be? How are you concerned about privacy of users?

I'm a student majoring in Computer Science, and recently started developing a search engine, which I expect to outperform all existing search engines in terms of efficiency and smartness. I hope that this conversation will help me to make my search engine one step closer to the search engine of the future.

All answers are appreciated.
Thank you.


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    Apr 15 2012: I think that search engine design is incredibly similar across the board. Take a look at google and yahoo. Everything is vertical up and down. I think that there is an extremely large movement to shift away from that. Now look at facebook, pinterest, tumblr, etc. These designs are vertically columned. I would like to see how this could adapt into search engines.

    Smart do I want it to be? I think we need to focus on the user. Many people don't know how to search efficiently. Based off of experience, they use the wrong choice of words. Or they use too few. Or they use too little. Search engines are smart enough. I think that people just need to use them more efficiently.

    How am I concerned about the privacy? Not really concerned. If I'm using a search engine, I don't expect them to make a case study on what I search up. The data collected should provide information about its users and using this information, I think you should cater to and predict user's actions.

    I scratch your back, you scratch mine? http://www.ted.com/conversations/10771/questionaire_on_power.html
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      Apr 15 2012: Don't you think it is better to adjust search engine it self to understand user better, rather than restricting the user how he can search?
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        Apr 15 2012: To elaborate, I do think search engines should understand the user better. I didn't say they shouldn't. Which is why I said I'm not concerned about the privacy. The search engines can exploit our information to understand the user better and predict how we would like our results from our searches.

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