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In what small ways in life, do you make sure each day is worth remembering?



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    Apr 15 2012: 1. Do one thing a day that you want to do and let nothing interfere with it. 2. Stop for any amount of time and take what ever amazing nature you can.... I time my dinner break with sunset and watch it for one minute at least. 3. Look at things you can't do and wish you could do in amazement and awe! 4.Think about the best moments of my past even just for a few seconds a day. 5. I've recently lost a friend to suicide and my Mother. suddenly 2 months later so this is a big one I learned when I lost my Dad, suddenly back in 1985 so since... I say every goodbye to all my loved ones with an I love you and the thought that I might not ever see them again. I try to do all those things daily.. I consciously think about it and plan them sometimes. 6. Write at least 1 page daily.

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