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Marriage and divorce!!! Both mean the same thing!!???

Some of the major reasons for Divorce:

Prior to 1965 the divorce rate was 2% to 3%. By 1985 divorce rates had escalated to 50% and have essentially remained the same.

Many young people have unrealistic expectations of marriage, expecting their relationship to be the perfect union. Their parents were poor role models and they are not prepared to work at their relationship.

Today's young couples are products of the "me generation." They are self-absorbed, focused on getting "my needs" met, but are often insensitive to the particular needs of their partner.

Mates want instant gratification, seeking the material goods their parents worked years to accumulate.

Many spouses have had multiple sexual partners prior to marriage. The parties are jaded and quickly discover how difficult it is to sustain a romantic relationship in the bedroom when they are beset with overwhelming conflicts in the kitchen.

Marital infidelity is all too frequent for some mates who show little guilt or remorse for their actions.

Often partners have little understanding of the concept of loyalty and sacrifice so essential to a good marriage.

Many young couples are products of divorced homes, thus permission to divorce is taken for granted.

Today's couples enter marriage with an expectation their union may not last a lifetime, as if theirs is a "trial marriage."

Some view "serial marriages" as easy come/easy go, but the fallout of betrayal, abandonment, neglect, and despair take their toll, nonetheless.

Many partners are anchorless, searching for their identity. They often feel as if, "I'm afloat and on my own in both marriage and career."

Many spouses are restless and impatient. When the first blush of romance fades , hostilities escalate, they impulsively throw in the sponge and give up.

So my question for you, Folks, is that in the near future, will marriage and divorce mean the same thing? Replies in the form of remedies will be much appreciated. Cheers!!


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    Apr 15 2012: I think the real issue here is why do we even have the title "marriage"?
    Does being married make a couple more or less loving towards one another? committed to each other? It might be the case in some. But I think that is the wrong way to go about it.

    "I am married to you therefore I should love you more."
    "I am married to you therefore I have more commitment to you."
    These statements don't make much sense.

    We really need to take a step back from titles. A title is basically defined by well... its definition.

    If we're putting definitions on things, we're also putting obligations in things.
    If we're putting obligations in things, we're putting expectations in things.
    And from what I've learned, it's always best to have low expectations.

    ***not the most eloquent answer or finished answer but im just writing as im thinking haha

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