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Ted Conversations in Person: The "Possible" Monumental Improvement of Ted

Chris Anderson: "Reading and writing are relatively recent inventions. Face-to-face communication has been fine-tuned by millions of years of evolution."

I couldn't agree more with you Chris Anderson! =)

Wouldn't it be amazing if Ted had a scheduling board where one could set up venues and have some brunch while discussing some very interesting topics like life skills, technology, psychological behavious, etc.?

More ideas could become more concrete if a group of people around 5-10 could gather and truly disect a specific video from the plethora of topics Ted has to offer through its Ted Talks.

I believe it could facilitate more recognition from a wider audience and gives Ted more transparency. This could possibly be revolutionary. If some average members from Ted could gather and have discussion in a similar fashion as "Book Clubs" discuss about books.

Some individuals' may not have the economic backings to fund a trip and attend the highly priced Ted Talks, but they could facilitate a smaller gathering at officially marked Ted locations around the world or it could be some random little coffee shop. That Would Be Most Awesome!

Having Ted Conversations in person could forge lifelong connections between individuals' and friendships would just be the obvious fact to state. Could also possibly create some new jobs for more official Ted Staffs that should be around to observe each conversation or something.

More Ideas That Are Heard, The More Ideas Are Spread!

Thanks for reading my thoughts. Feel free to share yours. =)

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    Apr 14 2012: Hi Derek,
    There are many independently organized, community focused TEDx events around the world. You can learn more about TEDx events on this page: http://www.ted.com/tedx
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    Apr 14 2012: Other people have expressed similar ideas regarding a video link up through TED. Would it effect the speed of the site? Text is efficient - video / audio needs considerable band width…. but I’m no expert!

    I prefer the way things work now. I like the ability to pop in as I have the time, and I like the 2000 character limit - it helps me consolidate my thoughts and present my views succinctly. Also, text works well on a global scale with TEDsters from different time zones clicking in at different times.

    Of course, there’s nothing to stop TEDsters who wish to be contacted through the site contacting each other to arrange skype hook ups independent of the TED site.
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      Apr 19 2012: I wish I could fly or have a private hellicopter right about now. =P

      That would be awesome because I enjoy in person conversations, but skype works as a cheaper alternative. =)
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    Apr 14 2012: The internet provides protection from personal contact. We need such protection because some people are evil. A current movie is based on this truth (Craigslist Murders, or something like that). There are predators who absolutely, positively will use a system like you describe to carry out their nefarious plans. Then there are the sociopathic, maladjusted types who will play their sick, albeit physically harmless, games. Finally you have the opportunists who will use your idea for commercial purposes. Yes, I am an old curmudgeon who belongs to the waning generation, and yes I am raining on your parade. But, regardless of my personal views, it is true that "parades" are no longer safe. Liberal, progressive influence has reduced our society to being soft on criminals. Great idea Derek, for a bygone age.
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      Apr 19 2012: Edward,

      In your opinion, do you see this era reflecting a medieval period of time with little to no progressive ideas being made? Is it really a bygonish age?

      We live each day, and we can sit in our homes our whole lives, but you could die or suffer in many ways, like a electrical wires short and your home burns or a plane falls on your home. So sometimes a little risk is just similar to the risk of being alive, but the probablities are different of course. =)
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        Apr 19 2012: You can mitigate the risks however you like Derek, but exposing specific plans for personal meetings between many people to the entire online world is not safe. I know life goes on with all the unavoidable risks, but deliberate folly is never justified or necessary. Your idea is dangerous.
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          Apr 19 2012: Well Edward,

          it was just a thought, but some refining was in order. At least I didn't want to spread the idea of bungee jumping without a bungee cord. Hahaha! =D

          Thanks for sharing your thoughts.