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Does social media and over all progress in communication technology helping the fast spread and dominance of mediocrity, worldwide?

Networking is becoming a dominant factor to decide career of people these days. It largely depends on agreeability and finding similarity than critical thinking, ability to ask questions (and finding answers), desire to challenge human limit. It is not OK "to be different" these days. That trend has spread to areas like education and research- that survive on critical thinking, ability to find fault or asking question. That trend is also affecting natural leadership quality of children. Social mobility is decreasing. Today the poor has higher probability to remain and die poor than anytime in the past. Corporatisation of education is a major factor. Practically, anyone with money can buy any degree these days- even from "ivy league" universities in US.
But development of communication technology seem to contribute greatly to that issue. What do you think?


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    Apr 15 2012: It does, but the same thing work against the democracy! Look at the case of Mr Ana Hazare, it is media failure to promote the very spirit of the person who has done exemplary good work in India particularly for rural population!

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