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Grading System vs marking system

As we have shifted to a new paradigm of evaluation that is grading system. The reason being that it reduces the stress and burden on the learner. But there are reports of students unhappy with their achievement score and had been mentally noneffective. Moreover, those who came from the marking system have adopted the grading system with the mindset of mere conversion of marks into grades or percentage equivalent.
Therefore, is grading system a mere conversion of marking system or is it much more. Which is appropriate to assess students' performance?

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    Apr 14 2012: I am the wrong person to ever be given a choice of two or to have to remain in the box. It is my opinion that all subjects should be taught in modules and stair stepped into the ultimate goal. To advance to the next module you would be required to "test out" the results of the test are either "competent / non-competent". Non-competent must return and retake the module and retest to achieve competency. By "grading" in this manner you take the "number / letter out of the equation and the good, better, best labels off the kids. In the K -12 course map you could continue to the college course maps or be given the opportunity to do "independent studies". This would take the question of grades being objective or subjective out of the argument. Fast learners would work at their rate of learning and slower learners would have the advantage of one-on-one attention. In this system the onus would be on the student and the teacher would be a mentor or proctor. Just a option to consider. All the best. Bob.
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    Apr 14 2012: As you told it is such, I mean grading system is converted system of marking .....

    Both are equally ineffective to measure learning.....both systems can only measure how competently student could swallow something and then how efficiently student could vomit on exam paper with in a specific time frame on a specific day... nothing more ....that's it.