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Could ectomycorrhizal be the organism we have to biomimic in order to have a better government?

Paul Stamets says that nautre has created it's own internet by linking trees with the mycelium,, it is a wonderful insight, however I think, rather than it's internet, it is more than that, it has created it's perfect government: it is a non-profitable organism that acts as a mediator, distrubuting resources equally to all of the forest...and the way it grows, just like a city, first it expands and then it conglomerates So, the thing is, should we start thinking of the government as a similar thing? could this be the key to designing a better government? one that doesn't look artificial, one that feels like a real biomimicry design

  • May 2 2012: Well, as much as this is a good idea, i doubt that it will ever be successful. First off, you gotta think about which country your in, how the people are, their laws, rules and regulations thath ave been active for years etc. These actually help create what the Goverment is generally known for. If say America for example, went from its democratic-republic like ideals to a military dictatorship... well... clearly the change is so vast that people wouldn't be a ble to handle the huge switch. Ideologies are locked into social place and its pretty hard to untangle. Currently I cant think of a single place other than bangladesh that switched its goverment on a dime... But that was through huge war... Anywho...
    A non-profit goverment... If there was a society that would happily donate to the goverment in order to keep its resources going... well wouldn't that be nice. But as humans, helping each other isn't really first on the list. Its generally being the best at what you do, even if its being the best second in command. And with competition, comes the issue of donation. Some people might... but not everyone would... hence where taxes and stuff came in. But yeah... your idea sounds good, but only in theory. In realistic society, its just impossable to implement. If the country wasn't started bassed on that ideology... its very difficult to switch it up.