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How can a normal citizen contribute to our public education system?

I am a young professional with no kids and will probably never have kids. Myself and many of my friends find ourselves having a vested interest in the education of young people. None of us are teachers and have no desire to be a full-time teacher, yet we want to contribute in some way.
What are some ideas that have worked in your community?
How can we engage our entire community instead of just parents and teachers?
Would our time be better spent using an established program such as Big Brothers Big Sisters? Or are there new organizations taking a different approach?

Thank You! I look forward to hearing your responses, especially from teachers!

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    Mar 10 2011: See Salman Khan's latest talk. He was an 'average citizen' who decided to help his cousins learn and augment their school education with Youtube videos. He might just have changed the world!
  • Mar 10 2011: This is a great question. I don't have a great answer.

    You could go to some local schools, and say you are computer-savvy, and would like to help with technology, and show some teachers some TED talks.

    Another discussion here was a high-schooler who was trying to start a "TED club" at his high school. You could certainly help with a club.

    The first couple of schools/teachers may be hesitant to use technology. Keep trying. You don't need to change everyone. Just get a couple of key people to move a little bit more in the right direction, and things will move.