Derek van Tilburg

International Business student, University of Sydney

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A CSR-reporting Platform

1 platform where companies can communicate their CSR-initiatives and goals to the public in an easy-to-understand and interactive manner!

I suggest a solution where the platform would be powered by a professional services firm to make it objective, scientific and therefore credible:

The companies that go into CSR-consulting with the professional services firm could get rewarded for doing so by;
- Giving them a 'label' they can market to consumers (Similar to the Carbon Trust Label),
- Furthermore they get an attractive outlet for 'showing off' their CSR initiatives to a larger public, while still maintaining some control over content.

* CSR reporting is growing rapidly, but is mostly limited towards shareholders.
* Businesses also promote their CSR on their website, but this might not always be very objective.
* There is a growing awareness among consumers with regards to the environmental influences of the companies they buy from.

I would be very interested in seeing the CSR of e.g. Google, Apple, Coca-Cola and other big firms I'm interested in video and text on 1 objective platform, while being able to share this info via Facebook and give my own feedback and suggestions.
-But is this just me or is there a serious market for this?
- AND are the companies willing to give up 100% control over this information in order to bring it under the attention of more consumers?

  • Apr 18 2012: I think that this is a fantastic idea! The task would then be to differentiate between the different types of CSR and creating a quantifiable measure in order to create a comparison. This could involve a partnership with organisations such as the Global Reporting Initiative who have established public reporting standards for CSR.
  • Apr 17 2012: That is an interesting idea. Would this platform be focusing on a specific area of CSR (like the Carbon Trust Label) or cover all possible CSR initiatives?

    We already see this trend in the hotel and restaurant industry. Certain websites publish e.g. environmentally friendliness of companies in the industry and rank them.

    How could you get the companies to participate and publish their information on that platform?