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It is being said that we are starting to increase expectations from technology and less from people. Are we sure?

As a result of technology, we are more in contact with people, through phone calls, messaging systems, photo exchange, emails, social networks, etc. While I agree that we are spending more time on technological instruments, I feel that maybe the presence of technology is increasing our expectations from people. For example, after someone travels and arrives at his/her destination, earlier, we were okay to wait for a few hours before knowing whether the flight has landed. But now, we get quite upset at the traveller for not contacting us as soon as he/she lands! Even if it is by text. We have lost patience and our expectation has increased significantly from people. Same goes with partners where even if you do not have time to call, you are expected to send a message.

What do you think? Is technology lessening our expectations from people or increasing them?


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    Apr 15 2012: I listened to the video today. In short what I got out of it is that people are confusing convenience for necessity.

    I think that our expectations for people have increased in the sense that we have higher expectations for them to use their technology. It's like saying "How do you not have an iPhone?" "How do you not have a Facebook?" "You still fax papers?"

    However, I don't think people have lost their patience or have higher expectations otherwise though. That's all very personal and varied across relationships.

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