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isnt love the most powerful thing that can be used against someone?

In relationships. when you believe some one thats perfect for you even though they have an entirly different view of who you are but you still try and love them. they have these values of christianity and you seemed to be groomed to be a great lover and devoted and committed all the hard times. I was even engauged at one stage was completely commited. did she really love me? So much she ended with no sex before marriage when she couldnt abstain for sex, it was so beautiful she loved me so much in the end she became all that she feared i would do to her and as paranoid and crazy as i percieved she was from the issues i was trying to prove wrong in the beginning. moving on, loosing me, player, uncommited. she knew i loved her and she completely turned became absolutely the fear.

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thankyou for your feed back. so true. i have been learning since ive had to let go that there were things that were wrong and alot more about myself that has been more rewarding than what i had in the relationship that was good
thankyou im still going to write about it when i get clearly over it and tell the beautiful side one day

  • Apr 12 2012: Love is purely positive.
  • Apr 13 2012: its only a moment and if you allow yourself the right to move on someday it will be a dim memory
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    Apr 13 2012: Sorry dude, that wasn't love. That was a fling. Probably her first in a long string of flings. Keep the good discard the rest. Learn, move forward. Maybe someday she will understand but maybe not. Let it go.