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Helping dyslectic people by slightly changing the writing system.

One of the main problems people with dyslexia face is that so many of our letters look almost the same. For instance the letters p, q, b and d look the same if you turn them around. Dyslectic people can only distinguish them with great difficulty. By making adjustments to these letters it would most probably be a lot easier for dyslectic people to recognize them. These adjustments could be minor such as adding a line to one specific letter, such that people who have already learnt to read would not have to learn a completely different writing system.

Dyslexia is a horrible handicap for the people concerned. It is possible to overcome dyslexia, it is, however, a rocky road. Making the way to literacy easier would change many people's lives, give them more equal chances.

What do you think about all of this? What could this new writing system look like? Would you be ready to adapt to the new writing system?

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    Apr 12 2012: The same idea is used in math, i.e. adding a horizontal line through the vertical line of 'q' or the diagonal of 'z'. While it is used to avoid confusion in distinguishing 'q' vs. '9' and 'z' vs. '2', and used only in handwriting, the same idea could work for 'q' vs. 'p' and 'b' vs. 'd'.

    Very nice idea. Get Facebook to offer a 'dyslexia option' for users, and it would probably spread like wildfire.
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    May 11 2012: I completely agree with you (joy) and shallow water walker! 'p/q' and 'b/d' would be very hard to tell the difference if your dyslexic. I'm slightly surprised it hasn't been changed already. Sending a message to facebook would help it spread A LOT faster. It could get confusing if this system is about to go in just before your exams etc unless there was only the new system on tests for people WITH dyslexia. Overall though great idea!