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What would be the best way to make Khan Academy go International?

Khan Academy is great for English speaking kids, but what about the other 5-6 billions? How to translate these videos with biggest bang for our buck? Each method has pros and cons.

Subtitles only:
+ fast & easy, consistent across many translators, many videos at once
- focus split between text and method, conflict between written and spoken

Voice-over only:
+ no conflict between languages, no split in focus
- Khan's writing in English, 1 tutor is slow - many break consistency

Voice-over + subtitles for writing
+ no conflict between languages, no split in focus, writing translated also
- speed of translation vs consistency of tutors

Remake in new language
+ all the benefits of Khan's original in the native language
- everything from scratch, slow and difficult, speed vs consistency (again)

Opinions, suggestions, corrections...?


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    Mar 11 2011: For children under the age of 16, native spoken voices are a must. We should not expect children to master one difficult "craft"(reading or translating) to learn another. Thus the material needs to be voiced over or in some cases tranlated to local languages.

    I think TED could make a differece here, they already have a open translation system in place, the goal to spread ideas and knowledge. What if they added voice translation into that scheme, and then helped picking relevant educational (not only Khan) videos from the web, deal with the copyrights and corrdinated the translation process, to ensure teh usual high TED standard?

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