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Change online commerce/ act as an online "wholeseller"

Hi everyone, I'm an University student and am developing with a team, a business idea for one of our courses. If anyone has any feedback that can provide us, it would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

The idea is about an online multi-market management, which is an online platform that act as a single point of entry for retailers where they can input information of their product listings into our platform. The platform will automatically forward the listings to the various online marketplaces such as eBay, Amazon Marketplace, etsy, groupon, etc. This means they won't have to upload the product listings repeatedly on each websites. The platform will also be able to download sales data from the various marketplaces and then intergrate it into the platform so that the retailer can get a clearer picture of their performance.


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  • Apr 12 2012: Nice idea Pedro. I understand how tiresome it is to list products in each and every site
    • Apr 16 2012: Hi.. Thank you Amarjeet

      Yes, that's one of the things we wan't to tackle. It is also helpful to some specialized online markets to put their name out there.
      We would also like it to be integrated with existing inventory software, which would allow the whole process to be seamless.

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