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Could the problems that face the world today be traced to todays Religions - my answer is YES undoubtedly

Research now shows that beyond a doubt once God was a woman - that the ME and beyond was once a peaceful place where women and men lived in a divine relationship with each other and the natural world

Today so much of who we are as human beings has been lost - today we live in a world that is NOT heaven on earth despite thousands of years of religious rhetoric and dogma proclaiming love and peace

what is uncovered in our ancient past is that once upon a time a divine partnerships of woman and men = masculine/feminine were in a divine balance with all life - and then something changed to alter that and we have now ended up with a world on the brink of disaster because of it

neither men nor women fully comprehend who they are because the biggest lie ever perpetrated on humanity has been to tell them they are sinful and that women are cursed to suffer and bleed in pain - and that all who are born through the body of woman is sinful - an old belief yes ...but one very much alive - albeit hidden in the treatment of women and men today

i have no intention here of creating further division between the dysfunction that exists between the culturally entrained male and female - rather i seek to bring balance and divine complementary partnership BACK into the discourse

i seek conversation on this as i am proposing an audio visual presentation in 3 parts - the first will be - when god was a woman ....to expand our limiting view of ourselves ....


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    Apr 13 2012: Jenese,
    You make a claim that we are on the brink of disaster because of religion. Have you ever looked into what religion has done to help societies? My mother lives in a small town in Maine. It was the bishop that persuaded the railroad to extend its rail to pass through the town. That move has brought untold blessings to the town. There is much more to religion than dogma. Like anything, there is good and bad to contend with. That is the basis of the teaching on Satan; beware of the bad. It exists in all walks of life, religious or not.

    When I was growing up, pollution was a major threat to society. We were on the brink of disaster then. Streams and rivers were dying. But societies tacked the problems and got through them. The Merrimack River in New Hampshire was a cesspool. Today it is pristine because of sewage treatment plants and laws governing the disposal of toxic industrial waste. Are the problems today any more threatening than they were then? Prior to finding solutions, all problems can be life threatening. But some cry wolf and some seek alternatives to combat the problems as they arise.

    There are religious claims that impede our finding solutions, I will grant you that. But many early scientists came from the religious sector. They were willing to look beyond what religion was teaching them. They found the very spirit within that sacred scripture reveals. The teachings are still there, but are held back by institutionalized religion. I have decided to go beyond the teachings and embrace them with science. I have found a good blend that many others are also finding.

    As far as bringing male and female back into divine complimentary partnership, I support your intention. Women are the flowers of life and shouldn't be mistreated and abused. They should be respected and loved as equals. In contrast to sacred scripture, some have proved to be better leaders and shouldn't be shunned in that capacity when so deserved.
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      Apr 17 2012: Hi Roy

      Within the religious concept this humanity lives within then of course there will be many things it does that are beneficial within a given community - religion - whose ever it is - has been the frame work that humans live their lives in - our laws came from religion - it is more expanded now in this 21st century of course and there are more freedoms

      however what i know about the goddess times - the times of women and men of partnership stands in such a contrast to what women and men think they are today as to be ....so limiting ....thus when beings are limited so is their ability to live in a limitless way - every thing will be filtered through their system of beliefs ....

      the whole concept of the devil and satan is the point - it never existed until much later in humanities evolution - thus fear is created where none need exist

      something essential has been lost by the way the feminine and masculine has been defined by the patriarchal churches

      the contrast of the early times when women and men were in a sacred and complementary partnership is so vastly different to what has been given us today that its easy to see why the world is the way it is

      and yes this world is on the brink of a huge disaster because of it - it lives like a leech unsustainably robbing future generations of a sustainable future while feeding the self gratification of a humanity who know longer remembers its sacred connection to the earth and earth other

      sadly environmental conservation has resulted from environmental abuse - now it is a normal way of life to protect the environment from unscrupulous corporate degradation and no care for communities - sadly many helping organizations have had to rise up and become normalized from this cultures abuses that it continues to think this is the way life is ...when once upon there was peace and women and men lived in harmony with nature and each other and all life

      until religion came along and created separation and divison
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        Apr 17 2012: Jenese,
        I agree with you on the subject of the devil and Satan. These are terms that have evolved by the Catholic church during its early years. The word devil doesn't appear anywhere in the old testament. It appears in the new testament as one who has a devil, meaning one who has an evil spirit (I believe this to mean a distortion in the mental field that causes one to act in an evil manner).

        The word Satan represents adversary, also referred to as the father of lies. We know that the mental field is where all our thoughts are managed. Distortions in the mental field (such as with misconceptions) will distort how we think about things. As such, the character represents something that we can relate; misconceptions that which will cause us to think irrationally. Beliefs which are false are all part of what the church calls Satan. Unfortunately, they can't see Satan in what they teach because they believe it is all true, even though much of it is unverified.

        Restoring a sacred connection to the earth and each other is part of what science is trying to do today. I believe it will succeed so long as it doesn't forget to teach responsibility. The ten commandments were founded on moral law and order. Many don't know what they are, and many don't want to follow them because they infringe on our freedom to do as we please. Many people want to see a better world, but they don't want to make the personal sacrifices which are necessary for a better world to exist. This is a dilemma. You can't have it both ways, and yet many want it both ways.

        What you are hoping for requires knowledge (whether through science or other forms of learning) and moral responsibility towards a greater good. Many current religious beliefs are counter-productive to this because they teach ideas that are not founded on truth. I have traced some to their roots and it is a twisted road that they have travelled. Hopefully, we can bring it all to light.
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          Apr 24 2012: HI Roy

          i totally agree with you about the notions of devil and satan - however i would go further by seeing that both the devil and satan by the definitions of both are the very religious orders this world continues to worship - and that these religious orders at the highest level know that they are fooling and maintaining a fiction on the world

          i also agree with your understanding of evil

          i don't know how science can restore a sacred connection to the earth in todays humanity except by showing there is one - i feel that connection comes from within and is sacred and beyond the level of god that exists in religion and its this i feel that sits in the heart of the feminine that give life to all humanity and because she does the church created an all male deity that denied the feminine in all her aspects except along his narrow and limiting beliefs and because this has allowed to become the 'norm' - it has created a huge imbalance a huge dysfunction in the world we live in that remains always a blind spot ....

          there are two of us here - woman and man and yet only one is represented in the religious discourse - no mother - where there was one in ancient times no sister when there was one in ancient times - and no sister hood when there were many in ancient times -

          knowledge is important but it depends about what knowledge - todays world has created such a division between what a woman is an what a man is that i believe very few of us will ever reach our full potential before death comes ....

          the 10 commandments were based on way older cultures long before christianity or religious order took over and yes i agree with you many do not know what they are and the churches conveniently forget them when the waged either wars on others

          it is knowledge of a way of being in the world as woman that is so contrasted today to those sacred ancient times as to make this humanity look like they are still in kindergarten

          i am hoping to bring it to light with this convo
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          Apr 27 2012: "The word devil doesn't appear anywhere in the old testament."

          Your playing with words Roy.

          1 Chronicles 21:1 (KJV)
          And Satan stood up against Israel, and provoked David to number Israel.

          Job 1:6 (KJV)
          Now there was a day when the sons of God came to present themselves before the Lord , and Satan came also among them.

          Zechariah 3:1 (KJV)
          And he shewed me Joshua the high priest standing before the angel of the Lord , and Satan standing at his right hand to resist him.

          Etc. etc. 15 for Satan alone.

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        Apr 25 2012: Jenese,
        I'm not sure what it is that you are trying to accomplish, or should I say, how you intend to go about it. Are women not succeeding because society is putting them down or are women not succeeding because they are falling victim to the stereotype that women are inferior? There are quite a few women Senators, and several women who have been very influential; Margaret Thatcher and Queen Elizabeth are two examples. So women can rise above the stereotype if they put their minds to it.

        In some places in the world, women are being suppressed. We live in a country that allows women to succeed. I think it's just a matter of finding what works and keep the ball rolling.

        As far as what God is, there is a big difference between what God is and what we think God is. The image of God as male or female is part of the process of personification. God has no sexual gender. God is the power that drives evolution. We give God a sexual gender based on our own image of ourselves. We need to be cautious that we don't try to put traits on God that don't belong there.

        Do religions know that they are fooling the public? I seriously believe that they themselves believe what they are teaching. How could they have such passion if they didn't? How we get them to see the truth is a problem that only gets resolved by revealing more and more of it. It took quite a number of years for the world to see that the earth was not at the center of the universe. And yet, there are trained theologians who still believe that the earth is only 6000 years old. Those who don't understand the evidence of science are persuaded in their delusions. It's a problem that won't go away overnight.

        I wish you well. People should be considered as equal. It is human nature (stemming from the animal within) to compete for the position of top male. It is the spiritual person that knows we must rise above this conviction.
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          Apr 26 2012: part II .....only so many characters allowed

          what women found when they started the research back into time - past the religious story was a herstory of incredible information that this current age continues to ridicule at best and dismiss as irrelevant and lies at worst -

          here in New Zealand we also had a female PM the amount of hate coming from men towards here was staggering - however the system these women step into is male - is patriarchy by its very nature - she has little choice but to conform to it as most women do from birth

          in truth your correct the energy peoplised as god is genderless however - here on earth it has been termed male personified as a he him his a holy father that rues over every one with one son - there is no feminine representative to express women's unique take on the world only one male defined world view that we are all supposed to conform to and it doesn't fit women when they start to question the deeper feelings they have that something vital is missing ...

          there are two of us here male and female but only one is represented the other is forced to conform to the others definitions of it - both become lessor for it and there is NO balance

          my point is roy that there is a vast history here a herstory that lies so buried as to be erroneously categorized as myth that would help the human race understanding itself in way more expansive terms than the narrow defined male world view and order has given us

          what is needed now is a return to this knowing ...

          politically things like family, childcare, basic community care education etc all these things are on the bottom of the political agenda because its not the male domain and when women get into power they bring these to the table only to be trivialized

          the world is blind in one eye because of it

          equality comes from being alive regardless of gender ones existence is equal

          i hear what your saying roy and thank you for the conversation
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        Apr 27 2012: Peter,
        Yes I am playing with words. But then, isn't that what religion has done all along? My father believed in purgatory and it nearly destroyed him. I was taught that Satan rules this world, but no clarification was given as to what that means. I was taught that we are under a curse even though the curse was lifted after the flood. For nearly four centuries, the Catholic church tortured and executed witches in the name of Jesus Christ. If that isn't a play on words, I don't know what is. Roy

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