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Could the problems that face the world today be traced to todays Religions - my answer is YES undoubtedly

Research now shows that beyond a doubt once God was a woman - that the ME and beyond was once a peaceful place where women and men lived in a divine relationship with each other and the natural world

Today so much of who we are as human beings has been lost - today we live in a world that is NOT heaven on earth despite thousands of years of religious rhetoric and dogma proclaiming love and peace

what is uncovered in our ancient past is that once upon a time a divine partnerships of woman and men = masculine/feminine were in a divine balance with all life - and then something changed to alter that and we have now ended up with a world on the brink of disaster because of it

neither men nor women fully comprehend who they are because the biggest lie ever perpetrated on humanity has been to tell them they are sinful and that women are cursed to suffer and bleed in pain - and that all who are born through the body of woman is sinful - an old belief yes ...but one very much alive - albeit hidden in the treatment of women and men today

i have no intention here of creating further division between the dysfunction that exists between the culturally entrained male and female - rather i seek to bring balance and divine complementary partnership BACK into the discourse

i seek conversation on this as i am proposing an audio visual presentation in 3 parts - the first will be - when god was a woman ....to expand our limiting view of ourselves ....


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    Apr 13 2012: what kind of research would that be? any references?
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      Apr 15 2012: merlin stones when god was a woman
      Raine Eslier - chalice and the blad - sacred pleasure
      The great Cosmic Mother - mojic Sjoo
      the work of Majia gimbutas
      Barbara G walker

      the list is endless really ...all women have done masses of research so there is no need to re invent the wheel in that way - their research is professional academic and scrupulous ..+ there is also the memories or handed down stories of the worlds indigenous peoples

      does that help ?

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