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Could the problems that face the world today be traced to todays Religions - my answer is YES undoubtedly

Research now shows that beyond a doubt once God was a woman - that the ME and beyond was once a peaceful place where women and men lived in a divine relationship with each other and the natural world

Today so much of who we are as human beings has been lost - today we live in a world that is NOT heaven on earth despite thousands of years of religious rhetoric and dogma proclaiming love and peace

what is uncovered in our ancient past is that once upon a time a divine partnerships of woman and men = masculine/feminine were in a divine balance with all life - and then something changed to alter that and we have now ended up with a world on the brink of disaster because of it

neither men nor women fully comprehend who they are because the biggest lie ever perpetrated on humanity has been to tell them they are sinful and that women are cursed to suffer and bleed in pain - and that all who are born through the body of woman is sinful - an old belief yes ...but one very much alive - albeit hidden in the treatment of women and men today

i have no intention here of creating further division between the dysfunction that exists between the culturally entrained male and female - rather i seek to bring balance and divine complementary partnership BACK into the discourse

i seek conversation on this as i am proposing an audio visual presentation in 3 parts - the first will be - when god was a woman ....to expand our limiting view of ourselves ....


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    Apr 12 2012: The idea of male vs. female to me can’t be true outside of one person. As a parent of three there is no way that I can ever differ between my son and my daughter, how could a creator differ between its own creations??? Why can’t we look at ourselves and look at what the reality of the so called holy books are, did they represent a different gender or did they actually meant YOU, the mind as woman and the heart as the man. We are the strangest being on earth, we have the power of choice and with that we are determined to make choices that can cause pain for other being.
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      Apr 12 2012: Hello Tina

      While its true that religions have created a huge man vs woman reality or superior vs inferior mentality it becomes so obvious that it was woman who carried the heart energy so that when 'man' created god in his own image he separated from the divine heart/feminine and for ever after created a huge imbalance

      in truth divine energy is neither male nor female but contains both - here in this reality we are representatives of those polarities - now i feel we are being challenged to come back into sacred partnership where they can again come together in divine right relationship the sacred marriage of ancient time - only when this occurs can real oneness be experienced - at least in my understanding

      i am also a mother of 3 and a grand mother of 4 - and i do not love any of them less because of their gender - but religion does

      that is why for me - the single most profound meaning of the great cosmic mother of our early ancestors was she represented THE UNITY OUT OF WHICH ALL LIFE CAME - there is nothing in mans religion that can do that

      i feel it is our challenge now as women - and men - but especially women to reclaim this history and bring it out into the open so that we can start moving forward into this divine partnership together as women and men and see the equality of our existence and our complementary relationship

      i believe that knowing this can change the world, indeed i feel deeply that until this IS KNOWN nothing much will change - there has to come a time when we heal this huge division this superior/inferior duality that stands between our eventual unity ...

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