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What is something you have lost, that you wish you could get back?

While reading the posts under Frank Warren's talk I came across the link to a site where you can put up an announcement if you find a camera or memory chip. Individuals who have lost it can scan over 100 pages of pictures and camera descriptions to see if someone found theirs.

It's a great site! I didn't know it existed.

Happily, many individuals have been reunited with their cameras and pictures.

That got me to thinking, I have lost lots of things.....Ray Ban sunglasses, umbrellas, expensive pens, cameras, watches that have fallen off my wrist, the list is endless.

My one thing I wish I could get back is a ring my mom let me wear to the beach when I was a little girl. I took it off and put it inside my hat for safekeeping when I went in the water. When it was time to leave the beach my dad shook out the towels, hats, sandals etc......the ring disappeared....I did not realize the ring was missing until we were in the car on the way back home. By then it was too late. I wish I could get that ring back to my mom. It's been over 40 years. It was a white gold ring with small intriquite lattice designs.

What about YOU???

Have you lost something that you wish someone would give back to you?
How did you lose it?
Is there a story you'd like to tell?

Closing Statement from W T

Well, I hope noone lost the opportunity to participate in this conversation.

Sometimes we lose material things that can be replaced. But other times we lose time, youth, which we cannot get back. Talking about loss is hard.

This conversation could have gone in many directions. Thank you again to those who shared their loss.

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    Apr 24 2012: *SoB*SoB* Mary,

    I got a story to tell. It was a dark and dreary day. I had been feeling sick and tired since the day before this dark day. I got up in the morning with a dreadful cloud over my parade of fevers. A fever, aches, headaches, and a quiz was on the forefront of my mind. I get ready in the late morning to catch the bus. I get on a crowded bus, even though no one was around me, all felt crowded within the confines of my mind. I think to myself, " lets just get this day over with". I get to class after a long bus ride to my school and I find out that I studied all the wrong material the day before from my state of incompetence. I try to "wing it" and I leave after a long day of lecture with thoughts of doing poorly on my quiz. I begin to stumble out of class and I am all of out words, so I leave all the socializing with my monotone good byes. I feel my body begin to droop and my mind begin to slip from its reality. I feel my already heavy backpack, get even heavier as I stop at my bus stop home. I loosely grasp onto my labtop bag that day and I drearily wobble around to find a place to sit while waiting for the bus, but I realize that the bus is already coming, so I find relief in sitting on the bus. My fever has gotten worse at this hour and I find everything around begins to seem fuzzy. I slowly shake my head to wake up and I gradually realize the bus has come to my second stop before home. I get off and wobble to the next stop across the street and I plop myself onto the bench. Soon the next bus arrives. I am excited, but also drifting in and out of consciousness. I find a seat in the back, and I sit. I put my backpack down on the seat next to mine. I suddenly realize something is missing as the bus begins to drive. MY LABTOP BAG! I rush to the bus driver to stop and let me get my items. I get off and grab my labtop bag, but turn around to find the bus driving away with my backpack with all my memories, materials, and wallet. All stolen and forever lost.
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      Apr 24 2012: Oh no Derek!!! right.

      How terrible to not be in a right frame of mind due to illness and to have lost something valuable because of it.
      Your story makes great reading......the ending unexpected. I hope you are keeping a journal young man, and that you are writing all your experiences down.

      I have lost so many things like that.......sunglasses left in a rental car, watches whose clasp has been lose and have fallen off my wrist, I once left an italian expresso maker on top of my car and drove away........never to be seen again. If I had been here in the states when this happened, I would have replaced it, but I was living in Asia at the you know what it is like for someone who has been drinking expresso to all of a sudden have to stop!!! Well, it wasn't pretty. The last victim of my unfocused brain was my lemon squeezer, made of wood, one of a kind........loved it to death.........and now, it is gone.......disappeared........vanished into thin air from my very own kitchen. I probably threw it in the trash without thinking, like I have done to many spoons, forks, and knives.

      We will just have to live with the memories of all these items then, huh???

      My sister once lost her daughter.....4 years a theme park........don't cry......she found her again, unharmed. Happy ending indeed!!! And there were several adults with her........each thought the other was watching out for the little one.

      Thank you so much for finding my little question and contributing to it.
      Too bad it is buried and many have not seen it.

      I have enjoyed the many spectrums of replies.....I think quality far outweighs quantity, don't you think?

      Read you soon Derek......stay focused.......=)
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        Apr 25 2012: Mary,

        Funny thing was I couldn't fit all my words onto one comment, so I condensed some parts, but happy you enjoyed my story!

        I try to think that losing things is the way we recycle our life and items back into a metaphysical stream of some kind. Sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo to me right now, but I try to be positive.

        It is also funny that you bring up quality vs quantity. I feel that both has its ups and downs, but everyone takes different things from different versions.

        Ah, the word focus, so hard for me. HAha! =D
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          Apr 25 2012: "I try to think that losing things is the way we recycle our life and items back into a metaphysical stream of some kind. Sounds like a bunch of mumbo-jumbo"

          Here's my mumbo jumbo on losing things:

          I feel that it is a test for I love/value things more than humans?
          If it is replaceable, why worry about it?
          Perhaps in the act of replacing what was lost, I meet someone whose life I will change, or I will change as a result of meeting someone new.
          Maybe, those around me will benefit from my reaction to having lost something and see the value of not overreacting to events over material posessions.

          I got more............but quality over quantity........I don't want to have you lose focus. LOL =P
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    Apr 19 2012: I have lost several earrings. Some have been lost because they have been the kind thatyou hook on, and I have been out and about in the wind, just to find at the end of my outing that one solitary earring remains.
    Others I have lost because they are clip ons and one has fallen without my noticing. Especially hurtful to me was losing one of the earrings I wore for my wedding.
    Others I have lost to damage. they have come undone, kind of how people come undone, and then all you have left are the pieces.
    Others have "disappeared", mysteriously, one day two, next day one. These are the ones that leave me perplexed.

    But still, whether they are of great value or not, each of them were carefully chosen by me, and it hurt to part with halve of the couple.

    I sometimes look at this small collection of odd-balls, often wondering should I mix and match them?

    I like your question, very nice to share my thoughts and read the deep replies of some and less than happy replies of others.
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      Apr 24 2012: Thank you for sharing your experience.

      I think all of us with pierced ears can appreciate your loss.

      I have a few of those odd balls as well, and cannot get rid of them either. LOL
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    Apr 19 2012: Youth... not age or years, but the thought process and creativity that comes with youth, the unclouded, non-judgmental view of life, and the excitement of a limitless day. It feels like we all go through so many things in a day, a week, month, year… time and time again, many of which take a piece of that away from us.. I’ve promised myself to search for it every day…sometimes I find it, sometimes I don’t… if I happen to find some extra… I’ll share it
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      Apr 19 2012: Oh Don........yes, that feeling of wanting to stay up late and keep living and enjoying life......what happens to us? Your answer resonates with me.

      We have Ponce de Leon Blvd here in Florida, but no fountain of youth anywhere on it.............I wil keep searching and also share with you if I find it.

      Thank you Don for your reply
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    Apr 15 2012: When I was young I had this big bag of Lego and one day my mum sold it for way less than it was worth. That bag of Lego represented so much. Made up from of countless birthdays and Christmas's, sets given from my older brothers and amassed with hours of immersion, of joy - losing myself in making, creating... dreaming. My father had made for me a big yellow draw-string bag to keep it in and I remember the unique noise it made when I moved the pieces to find what I was looking for. Even now,(I'm nearly forty for goodness sake!), I can't go past a Lego shop without looking in and then sometimes ,when I'm feeling wistful, look at the incredible new sets available and want to buy one. I've had to stop myself on many occasions spending large sums on a new set to somehow re-gain how I felt....So did I lose the Lego or is it something else? My message to all the kids out there....keep your Lego and play with it for as long as it makes you happy. I guess posting this on here means I don't have to send it to Frank Warren now!
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      Apr 16 2012: Your secret is safe with me Stuart.....You are now the hero to a little boy I know.

      Just the other day we purchased a new set of Legos....a camper, complete with hot dog, mugs for coffee and more.

      Also, did you know that you can get Lego magazines free......and there is a website......and we have LegoLand here is Florida......oh Stuart, I feel for you. I try, really try, not to throw anything that belongs to my kids away without their consent. My mom also threw away lots of my things when I was hurt quite a bit.

      Thanks for sharing.
  • Apr 14 2012: I lost my husband to suicide when our daughter was 22 days old. I always wished to get that time back to change the course of his illness, make different decisions, etc. That loss changed the course of my life - who knows for better or worse. I then lost my wedding ring from him - somewhere in the house, I believe. I tried to think of that loss as symbolic...time to move on. Eventually I moved, got married again, but would love to have that ring back for my daughter. The sentimental value was priceless.
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      Apr 14 2012: Susan, what can I say, thank you for sharing this precious thought with us.

      The sentimental value, yes, that is also the most terrible thing about losing is part of us. And, so while we can replace certain things, like a ring, or a pen.....some things have sentimental value. And of course, how do you replace a human life?

      I just can't imagine what people go through when they have to leave behind a home and belongings because of an approaching tornado........the emotional wear and tear due to a lifetime of memories possibly disappearing must be tremendous.

      Thank you again for contributing your personal thoughts and experiences.

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    Apr 12 2012: Time.

    Time is one of the few things that you can waste, but never re-buy or get back. I wasted a lot of time in a career that wasn't a good fit for me. I don't really regret it though - I learned a lot of lessons about life and work that'll last a lifetime.
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      Apr 14 2012: “Lost, yesterday, somewhere between sunrise and sunset, two golden hours, each set with sixty diamond minutes. No reward is offered, for they are gone forever!”—Lydia H. Sigourney, American author (1791-1865).

      Thank you for sharing your thoughts Robin.

      Hope you enjoy the quote.