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How do you do that? I'm curious to know how you get motivated to reach your goals and get results.

What works for you when you need motivation?

JK Rowling eloquently speaks of failures enabling her discovery of what she was truly meant to be.

Neil Pasricha speaks warmly of his personal forward movement in life being attributed to The 3 A's of Awesome: Attutude Awareness Authenticity.

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks beautifully of having the sheer human love and stubbornness to just keep showing up.

Dan Pink expertly informs us that the carrot and stick have no place in business 2012 and although Dan has an excellent point regarding creativity being dampened by rewards and consequences in the workplace, the ways of harnessing personal motivation is still to this day comparable to the world of the good old donkey.

So I wonder; How do you do that?

If you'd care to read http://simoncaira.blogspot.co.uk/#!/2012/04/motivation.html


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    May 7 2012: Where is creativity there is no need for motivation. Life lesson from Donald Trump.
    So forget about motivation be creative! ^_^

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