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How do you do that? I'm curious to know how you get motivated to reach your goals and get results.

What works for you when you need motivation?

JK Rowling eloquently speaks of failures enabling her discovery of what she was truly meant to be.

Neil Pasricha speaks warmly of his personal forward movement in life being attributed to The 3 A's of Awesome: Attutude Awareness Authenticity.

Elizabeth Gilbert speaks beautifully of having the sheer human love and stubbornness to just keep showing up.

Dan Pink expertly informs us that the carrot and stick have no place in business 2012 and although Dan has an excellent point regarding creativity being dampened by rewards and consequences in the workplace, the ways of harnessing personal motivation is still to this day comparable to the world of the good old donkey.

So I wonder; How do you do that?

If you'd care to read http://simoncaira.blogspot.co.uk/#!/2012/04/motivation.html


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    Apr 14 2012: Hi Simon

    You being personal coach , I am curious to hear from you.......
    Not from book or not theory , from your experience as a personal coach for Peak Performance.
    May I?
    • Apr 20 2012: I second this.

      I am also interested in hearing Simon's personal experiences in relation to what he feels keeps his pupils motivated.
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      Apr 29 2012: Hi Salim,

      For me, when working with a client, it's always a very individual approach for every person that I sit in the room with.

      Firstly it's up to me to hold the space to enable the elicitation of the client's potential, which more often than not emerges from a place within them that offers insight and answers to artful questioning directed from a space of complete respect. That's to say that I hold a vision, without bounds, without form, just one of pure potential and respect: I simply know that I have a person in front of me who can, without a doubt, do or be whatever they desire and dream of. I completely trust and believe in them and that's where it begins - without form, just essence... the essence of excellence. That's my duty.

      I never motivate or inspire, I merely facilitate the internal process: their journey: the unfolding and revealing of their truth, values and desires. Clean approach is key. Clean Language, Clean Space and Emergent Practice - David Grove, Grovian Psychology - are probably the most important and helpful techniques and practices I have had the blessing to be trained in with regard to enabling a client to naturally find their own way, unveil their own answers, dismantle or remove their own obstacles and create their own compelling motivation.

      I guess it's fait to say there are thousands of ways in which such a process plays out but there are some similarities that occur and that's why I wrote my blog on motivation.

      Remaining motivated is indeed bolstered by the process I describe in the blog. If you have gone beyond the goal into the feelings of what the goal will really give you and also remain aware of what it is you are moving away from, your chances of success are multiplied. Add to this the use of the symbol (harnessing your unconscious process) and the simple question of 'next right action' and you will be 'cooking on gas' so to say.

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