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Has the war we have waged on bacteria mean't our biological bodies being more prone to allergies

I often wonder if the reason so many people develope alllergies is because since the introduction of anti-biotics, we have waged war on bacteria that may have helped control viruses and funguses, the end result being these viruses and fungus are now able wreak havoc on our bodies?

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    Apr 26 2012: Our 'war on bacteria' didn't do much to deminish bacteria populations. I have never heard of a virus producing an allergic reaction. Certain fungi can cause allergic reactions, but that only accounts for a very small part of allergies.

    So no, the 'war on bacteria' has not made us more prone to allergies.
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    Apr 12 2012: There is evidence to suggest it has reduced resistance to infection. Allergies are more likely to relate to lack of exposure to the range of substances in the natural environment, or to excessive exposure to the overconcentration of allergens resulting from large scale agricultural procatices, or to artificial pollutants.
    • Apr 16 2012: Hi Anne

      I agree with everything you said and it's a really shame we can't change at least some of those things for a more enjoyable world.