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If you could live forever, would you ?

Imagine a world where there is no money, no government, no police, no artificial country boundaries, no scarcity, no limits to anything... A world that is one, as 1 country, as 1 city, lead by science, technology, progress and development. You can do everything you wish to do. You can study anything you wish to, there will be access to everything provided to anyone that wants it. You can live the way you want, where ever you want. The earth will be a common heritage to all the people. And science and technology are progressing so fast, without any limits holding it down, that a new medicine has been developed, a medicine that can stop the growing mechanism inside the person and not allow him to grow old anymore, i.e. you can live forever. Of course, you are not going to be immortal, if you cut yourself in the heart you will die. But if you don't, you can live forever without getting old anymore. Would you like to drink that pill and live forever ?

If you think you would enjoy living in such a world, you can. There are already people trying to realize it. Here it is - >

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    Apr 15 2012: I can imagine 200 or even 500 years.

    Eternal life sounds like a curse.But having a choice on how long to live would be good.
    I'd even like to have a few long sleeps along the way perhaps to refresh, and skip decades here and there.

    Not sure if our brains, minds, psychology would be up to it even if dementia was also cured.

    Your fantasy world sounds too good to be true. Lots of social and economic issues if we were long lived. Imagine the concentration of wealth.

    I expect at some stage we will be able to extend life and slow aging stop disease - little nano bots killing cancer, genetic therapies etc. Not in my lifetime but much is possible in 1000 or 10000 or 1 million years.

    I think humans may have moved beyond evolution in the sense that most of us get to have kids and most kids survive - not like animals in the wild. I expect as a species our development may reflect which groups are having the most children rather than survival of the fittest.
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    Apr 14 2012: I'd like to live at least long enough to see Saturn up close. I'm dying to see it!
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    Apr 13 2012: Imagine if you could have made that choice as Neanderthal.

    I believe that we have far to go in the evolutionary process. By choosing to live forever, I am limited by this form and forfeit whatever may come after. Without life and death cycles, life cannot evolve. Only those who believe that life ends at death would be tempted by such an offer.
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    Apr 12 2012: Imagine your pill was invented centuries ago and you had to deal with your grandfather and great-grandfather and so on. What do you think, you never was born for there was no need for new life anymore. How boring can it be.
    By the way you live forever already whether your body dies or not. There really is no forever but just this everlasting moment you live.
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    Apr 12 2012: I don't think so. Maslow showed us that we have needs. I enjoy a challenge. I have a purpose and focus on a specific task that lies ahead. In this utopian society the will to live would be missing. I immediately thought of the US administrations promise of free medical, government assistance on everything, and the promise of jobs for all. I laughed my old head off. Why would anyone want a job if everything was free and supplied by the government. The problem remains of who will pay for all of this. Reads like Audious Huxley or George Orwell. Makes for good reading but even if possible ... Not for me. I like working and I live a simple honest life with pride and dignity. Don't take those things from me. All the best. Bob.
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    Apr 12 2012: Absolutely, if I could keep my physical and mental capabilities. There is too much world out there for one lifetime.
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    Apr 12 2012: Christians have a better hope. Immortality in the company of our maker. Can't wait !

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    Apr 12 2012: People seem to always be afraid of what we cant comprehend and we dont know what a life without death would be like... yet anyway. But I think about this often and I'm always so hyper curious about what things will be like in the future that I find myself wanting to live forever, per se. Life might be exhausting at some point so if we all had the option to end it at some time I would choose the forever option, I just dont know when or what would make me decide to end it at some point.
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    Apr 11 2012: This sounds very utopic and I guess it would be nice to remain as slim, fit and fresh faced as a twenty year old - but I can't help feeling that life wouldn't be life without an end point at some unknown time.

    You'd have to be bored to death to end your life in such a utopia, and I guess with few people dying - few children will be born since replacement would not be required.

    Forever is too long - I'd miss the mystery of death, so, no I'd not take that pill.