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Is there no solution to increasing energy demand? please read explanation before answering

Till today I believed that scientists are working on alternate energy processes and soon they will find a solution to increasing energy demand.
but renewable energy sources are not enough to meet the energy demands.

Bio fuels need twice as that the area to grow food to meet all the energy demand of US in 2020.

and this all happens due to this short documentary

so there is no hope???? :(

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    Apr 15 2012: Every problem has a solution, it is only a matter of time before the best solution is found. When it comes to this specific problem of energy, we missed out chance for really good solution 2 centuries ago. Back then Nikola Tesla has designed system to download energy from ionosphere and send it wirelessly to everyone. However people of that time did not support the development, because they wanted to make profit out of energy business, while the wireless energy would be free and accessible by everyone. I believe that the day when we solve our energy issues will come soon.
  • Apr 16 2012: Part 2. Read first part 1 below.
    6. Use simple concrete plates as foundation. Give the units each 4 adjustable feet to rest on these plates and make the unit selfadjusting.
    7. Start with a dozen testplants produced by various competing companies. Once all problems are dissolved you let one of them produce a hunderd thousand units of the winning design.

    It is that simple. The difficult part is that all environmentalist will want to lynch you.
    You know now how it can be done in North America
    Do me, yourself and many others a favor and convince people to get it done.

  • Apr 16 2012: There are solutions to produce more energy than needed, but these are overlooked or ignored. The main problems are lack of political will, "not made here", stubborn scientists and sheer stupidity.
    The perfect solution for the largest energy consumer, the North American continent is available in Yellow Stone Parc. That parc is actually the caldera of a super volcano. This volcano is overdue and will blow his top within two millennia, producing extreme damage to the Earth and the people living then.
    It seems possible to prevent this dreadful eruption by cooling the liquid lava and make it solid that way.
    The trick works as follows:
    1. You drill deep holes in the crater and pump water into these holes. The water will evaporate and come out as saturated steam. Run the steam through a cyclone to filter out water and dirt.
    2. Reduce the pressure of the steam sufficiently to make the steam overheated. This is needed because the steam will cool down during the expansion in the turbine. If the team is insufficiently overheated, then waterdrops will be formed during the expansion and erode the turbine blades.
    3. Use air-cooled condensers to condensate the steam that comes out of the turbine. Normally river water or sea water is used as cooling water. But there is not enough water at Yellow Stone to do that. You might think of cooling towers, but those evaporate one ton water for each ton water condensed in the condense, rand as said, there is not enough water.
    4. Use small units, far less than 100Mw each. Small in power and small in size, but easy to handle. Fully automatic, unmanned, remote controlled in case of problems.
    5. Use medium pressure steam. High pressure is to dangerous in that unstable area. Expand the steam in the turbine to atmospheric pression, which equals 100'C, to limit the size of the condensor and to omit a vacuum pumpand a condensate pump. that costs efficiency but gains simplicity and less maintenance.

    to be continued....
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    Apr 11 2012: There have been many, many overunity inventions that have been suppressed and hidden - electrogravitics became highly classified in the late 1950's; patents have been bought and buried, inventors and Their families have been threatened, and murders have taken place, all to ensure free energy is not an option.

    The reason is because, since money is merely the accounting of meaningful energy expended, adding abundant free energy will remove the need for money, and in the process, the control over Others the power elite presently enjoy.

    To the end of freeing Humanity from the control of the power elite, I started a petition for the release of electrogravitics from black projects. For more information, check out the piece, The End of Entropy, in My blog, linked in My profile here.