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President, GCDF and Creator of VOW-TV's VOWW, Global Cultural Diversity Films (GCDF) Inc.

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Networking with women and young girls by promoting "voices for voiceless" to give them voices to tell their stories over the Internet

Within six months - found over 600 strong women and men interested in promoting "voices for voiceless" women and young girls ... with partners from around the world joining as members to make VOWW stronger across the world. ..All are invited who are promoting empowerment of women and gender equality worldwide ...


Closing Statement from Vinanti Castellarin

So true ... we need to bring out the voices of people inside Syria ... to give the truth to the world ... On October 10th VOICES OF WOMEN WORLDWIDE dedicated the evening of fundraising for the survivors of the children of Syria who were murdered on 21 August with chemical gas ... It was a beautiful evening as we rented a small ship and sailed it on the East River in New York ... remembering all those 440 innocent children's as we sailed to the Statue of Liberty and said a prayer to their memories ... sailing down under the shadow of the United Nations dedicated to the cry for PEACE during the "Global Peace Odyssey" which will go viral around the world to children ... asking them to remember Syria's children ...