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Are we truly free?

"To see what is in front of one's own nose needs a constant struggle." - George Orwell.

A project called "Creating Freedom" collects various essays, films, and other work of art to discuss the subjects of power, control and freedom. (http://www.creatingfreedom.info/)
From Howard Zinn to Steven Pinker, "Creating Freedom" has consolidated interviews from investigative journalists, historians, psychologists, and more.

The trailer of the film The Lottery of Birth raises the question as to whether we are really free.

Is freedom an absolute, or a relative, condition?
Does freedom truly exist, or is it simply an ideological concept humans created to consolidate the restricted nature of our lives?

Are we truly free?


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    Apr 12 2012: Hi Eun A Jo, I think that freedom is relative. We can all relate to someone who is less free as us and those who are more free. We have this amazing ability to adjust to our plight in life. The most cruel imprisonment is to confine the human mind. When the freedom of thought is restricted then we are truely imprisoned and no longer free to any degree.

    As a matter of interest what is NESIANE foreign workers union? All the best. Bob
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      Apr 14 2012: Hi Bob,

      You point out a very important factor that helps humans retain a degree of freedom: our ability to adjust. Also, it is indeed true that freedom of thought is an unalienable element of human liberty.

      NESIANE foreign workers union is a small convention in the city of JinJu, South Korea. I no longer work there, because I moved to the Netherlands to study, but I used to represent the workers from the Philippines and Indonesia. :)

      Thanks for your input!

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