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Are we truly free?

"To see what is in front of one's own nose needs a constant struggle." - George Orwell.

A project called "Creating Freedom" collects various essays, films, and other work of art to discuss the subjects of power, control and freedom. (http://www.creatingfreedom.info/)
From Howard Zinn to Steven Pinker, "Creating Freedom" has consolidated interviews from investigative journalists, historians, psychologists, and more.

The trailer of the film The Lottery of Birth raises the question as to whether we are really free.

Is freedom an absolute, or a relative, condition?
Does freedom truly exist, or is it simply an ideological concept humans created to consolidate the restricted nature of our lives?

Are we truly free?


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    Apr 12 2012: Yes and no. [smile] Surely We are free to think about things within the parameters set by Our experiences and understandings. But...

    1. Our understandings are controlled by Those few who own the media and set school curricula
    2. Our Human energy is drained from Us as We slave to the profit of those few, limiting Our opportunity for experience

    Given this, We are not truly free. None are so enslaved as those who think They're free.

    Should We cast off the need for money, allowing Us to pursue Our own chosen experiences at will, educate Ourselves from wide vistas of information as interests Us with no requirement that We have a "career" - We will be far freer than anything the We can achieve in a world where some few have control over what We experience and can understand.

    One more point about freedom: today there is technology that can place thoughts in Our heads, owned by those few, there are programs such as the Monarch Mind Control, and other insidious elements that enslave Our minds, controlled by those few. As long as They have power to use these elements, along with having control of Our experience and understanding, We can never be free. And these all use money to maintain Their control.

    So... In a very limited sense We are free. In the overall picture... Not really.

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